15 minutes SEO

O.k. I have to admit that the title of my post is a little bit misleading – to make it clear I am speaking of 15 minutes for SEO per day.

On the other hand 15 minutes is not too much. For your first day you should concentrate on on page factors (onsite optimization).

You can use free programs like Traffic Travis to check some crucial onsite optimization factors – that would be your first day’s 15 minutes ­čśë

On your second day you can start with off page optimization – that is: building backlinks.

Get yourself a list of do follow blogs on the do follow blog finder and post thoughtful comments to do follow blogs for 15 minutes everyday. Depending on how fast you can type you will build a reasonable amount of backlinks every day.

Now you will say: “Fine – I’ll do that for 3 hours for the next week, then I have hundreds of links in no time…” Well, that is not a good idea! Your link growth would be very unnatural. Google and the other search engines want to see a steady growth over time. If you stick to the 15 minutes a day rule you will reach a good amount of links very soon, too, but your link growth will stay natural.