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What are your chances to beat your competition?

That is a question that many of us ask themselves quite often…
Too bad that many ask this question at the wrong time – after they have put great effort and time into ranking for a certain keyword and not reaching the desired goals.
Is there a way to estimate whether a given keyword is worth trying to rank for?
Here is what I do:
Do a google search for the keyword in question.
Take the URL of the number one search result (or number 3 or 10, depending you want to see your chances for a lower rank, too).
Next head over to Yahoo and do a “” search.
Yahoo will then show the number of incoming links to that URL. Google has a “link:” command, too. But to be honest, forget it. They just don’t show what they know, Yahoo is by far more accurate.
You can switch the incoming links display to “except from this domain” to get a better idea of how much work is you’ll have to to ragarding building backlinks.
Of course you never know exactly whether Yahoo has indexed all backlinks that google has but on the other hand not all of the links will have your keyword as an anchor. So this method will give you a good Idea of how many backlinks you will need to reach your desired SERP position.
This method requires a little bit of work – if you are too lazy try SEO Elite, this fantastic piece of software will help you find out about your competion, can track your rankings and a lot more!

After you know the amount of backlinks necessary you can start building backlinks.Ā  You can start out with commenting to do-follow blogs , and again, if you are too lazy try something automated, like building backlinks automatically with 3waylinks.

From my experience any site that shows up to 500 links can easily be beaten, for sites with more backlinks, often a little more dedication is needed. If you use 3waylinks in combination with other link building strategies and bring some patience with you, you can definitly reach your goals.

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Get backlinks with article marketing

An excellent and proven way to get backlinks is to write an article about your topic and publish it at article sites.
Most article sites allow you to put one or two links in the article and/or in your author bio box. Depending on the article site, your article may be picked up by other webmasters looking for content and be published on their websites. If you write good content, your articles might be republished at many other sites which can give you a decent amount of backlinks. If if your article doesn’t get picked up at all, you can still get quite a few backlinks just by submitting to several sites.

Here are a few article directories where you can post your articles:

Now some article directories require you to write unique content and you may not reuse it on other directories.
Another thing is that logging in to all those sites and submitting your articles manually is time consuming. Lets say you have already written your article (which takes quite some time, too, if you do not outsource it), it will take you about ten minutes per article site.
For a lazy guy like me this meant looking for solutions – and I found some.
There are lots of article writing and submitting software on the internet, in another post you find a review and comparison of three:
Article Software Comparison.
Another good place to post your articles is on other blogs, you can do that as a guest author, if the blog will let you or you can use systems like 1waylinks and Neurolinker to place your articles on other blogs.

Are there shortcuts to earning money on the internet?

That is an interesting question – and honestly a part of me is really wanting to tell you:
No – there are not shortcuts, you have to learn everything the hard way.

Why is that? Maybe because in great parts it was like that for me – I had my fair share of mistakes made, and projects that died because I did it the wrong way etc.

Of course with gaining more and more experience that changed, not that everything I touch turns to gold now, but the successes outweigh the failures now.
Did I learn everything all by myself? No – not really. Would be nice if I was that smart, but actually I am not…

So what really helped? I credit much of my knowledge to the coaching program I took at dotcomsecrets that I took a couple of years ago.
Now to be honest again – that was not really cheap. I really had to cough up everything I could spare (if you are going to watch the video I link to below, Russell will tell you the price of his coaching program of that time…).
But I can tell you one thing: I never regretted taking the coaching! It brought me further in big steps.

Now there is one good question, that someone recently asked Russell: “If your systems are that good, why don’t you teach it first and then take the money the students earn instead of taking it upfront?”

Excellent question, and it seems Russell really listened to that guy, because I think he has found a system with an excellent balance:
You pay one dollar for the first month and from then on Russell literally takes you by the hand and goes every step with you that is needed to earn the money for the next month’s coaching which is only $97 from the second month on. But that is not all, he also gives you a lot of shortcuts to making money on the net (Yes I have to admit those exist, and although I grudge a bit because my coaching was by far more expensive, It would just not be fair to keep the knowledge…)

Have a look at the following video now to see what all the shortcuts are:

Money Earning shortcuts with DotComSecretsX

By the way here is a picture of me and Russell when we met in Cambridge, England. It proves I have not mastered everything yet, for example how to look good in public places šŸ˜‰
Russell Brunson and Michael Busch

3waylinks site approval

A short update on my ranking study:

3waylinks states that it will take about 48 hours on business days to get your site reviewed and approved once you have submitted it. Well in my case it went a lot faster! Merely 8 hours later my site was approved and I assume that by tomorrow the first links will go live. Hopefully the results will help my in my race against time – Google recommendations will work for only three more weeks – will 3waylinks help me to get ranked fast enough?

Article marketing Callen Style

If you have been following my blog for a while you probably know about the products Jon Leger creates for Linkbuilding .
Today I signed up for a new service by Bryxen Software, which you may know for products like SEOElite or KeywordElite.
Now Brad Callen has come up with a new product that at the first glance looked very much like 1waylinks.

It is called SEO Link Vine and and like 1waylinks is a blog network where you can submit articles that will be posted all over the network.

If you buy now, even the price is the same. As having another weapon in my link building arsenal was something I could not say no to, I decided to sign up and write about my experience here.

The buying process:

I know it is a clever idea to offer upsells and I have no doubt that the SEO product upsell is a good product – but having to scroll down long pages two times just to skip the offer is getting on my nerves…

The looks:

The over all design of the site is better than 1waylinks, it has a very straight user interface and is easy to use from the beginning.


There are excellent video instructions on every step. Did not miss anything.

Built in functions:

Now here it gets really interesting:

Not only has it a built in spinning function, but also a ranking checker with backlinks count and PR.


There is none – you can submit as many articles as you want and they will get posted on as many blogs as will accept your article.

Where will my articles be posted:

The deal is that SEO Link Vine brings together blogs that need fresh content and users who will write content with their links embedded.

Your article will only be poted on blogs that accept your content category and blog owners can accept or decline articles.

Those are the main differences to 1waylinks. There are a few negative sides to mention, too. For example you cannot use spinning in the title but have to add every title variation manually. Don’t ask my why what works in the article body should not be good enough for the title…

Another thing is the Thesaurus of the spinning tool. It worlds away from the quality I am used to with Jon Leger’s The Best Spinner! It is nice that there is a spinner built in, but I prefer to keep using the Best Spinner – and here is the good news: SEO Link Vine is compatible with a whole bunch of spinning formats so I can just copy and paste the spun articles into SEO Link Vine.

Altogether this looks very good in my eyes – now it has to prove whether it will create the same quality of results as 1waylinks does.

If you want to try it out yourself, here is the link: SEO Link Vine

Have commenters come back to your blog

It is a very nice thing to have a steady flow of new visitors coming to your blog every day. But even better is if your visitors come back. You want your blog to be interesting enough so that your readers will come back. An excellent way to achieve this is having a lively discussion about your posts. But how often did you find a an interesting blog, posted a comment to the post because the topic of the post was interesting, perhaps even asking a question, and then you forgot about this blog? I reckon that happened to you, too. At least it did for me quite often. And probably this will happen to quite a few of your visitors, too. And it means that you have lost a visitor, because the commenter will not find back to your blog. Now at least for WordPress blogs there is a easy solution: Mark Jaquith wrote a wonderful wordpress plugin called “subscribe to comments“. Just go his page and install it on your blog. From that on your commenters can check whethter they want to be informed about a new comment on the topic they commented, too. That means they will probably drop by as soon as their question was answered or if a new interesting comment was made.

If you want to see this plugin in action, just make a (sensible) comment to this post on and check the “Notify me of followup comments via e-mail” -Field below…

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Test your Webmaster knowledge

You never know too much… but how much do you actually know about running a successful site?
Now there is a pretty fun way to know – take the google webmaster quiz!
The quiz can be found over here:

Google Webmaster Quiz

The Quiz is online from today until Wednesday, January 27 at 5PM PST.

Technorati and What It Can Do For You

Techno Who!?
This is the response I usually get from my clients when I suggest that they need to link their blog to Technorati. (…)

Source: Blog Marketing, Web 2.0 And Social Marketing By Trish Jones

Get backlinks from social bookmarking sites II

Perhaps you have already read the first article to this topic (Get backlinks from social bookmarking sites) so you already know about the importance of bookmarking your site on a social network. While Jon points to sites where you can submit your page or post to a whole bunch of social bookmarking sites, there is one easy step you can do on you page that will helb you boost getting social bookmarks. And that is offer the logos of a few well known bookmarking sites at the end of all your articles and pages. If you are running a wordpress blog then this is really very easy! There is a wordpress plugin that can do all the work for you. It is called “Sociable” and was written by Joost de Valk. He is a smart guy from the Netherlands who runs a very good SEO site and has build quite a few really useful wordpress plugins.

Just install Sociable and go to Settings page of the plugin. Here you can choose from a lot of social bookmarking sites and change their order of appearance.

Now all your visitors have a really easy way for bookmarking your site.

Alternative Methods of Improving Your Backlink Profile

Typically, those of us in the SEO community in the past have counted on a few reliable link building tactics to drive our rankings. Directory submissions and blog commenting seemed to be the easiest way to get a high volume of do follow backlinks without expending too much energy. But as Google continues to tweak their algorithm so that it better reflects actual human perception, these “automated” link building tactics, and actual links, are carrying less value. Content marketing has come to the forefront of the industry, and blog post links more valuable than their directory and blog comment counterparts. This makes perfect sense, as Google is rewarding those that provide valuable information to people that are searching and essentially looking for answers.

As a result of this shift, it has become more difficult to acquire strong backlinks, and it certainly takes more time. This is particularly the case for new websites that have yet to establish themselves online and lack the digital connections that older websites may take advantage of for building up their backlink profile. For those sites, I still feel that it is valuable to submit to related directories, and spend some time blog commenting, as you have to start somewhere and these links can gradually help to strengthen the domain, albeit on a minimal level. As the old adage goes, “You have to start somewhere!”

For webmasters that are running older, well established websites, link opportunities should be more abundant. Often, however, webmasters tend to overlook a couple of strategies that can be used to identify opportunities right from under their noses – using data from analytics software, assuming it is set up on the site, and conducting branded searches to see where other webmasters are linking to you but are not using targeted anchor text, and to find links that are pointing to 404 pages. If you are like most webmasters and using Google Analytics (most use this as it is free and for the most part user friendly), check out the Referring Sites report to see what links are sending you traffic, and identify which of those you should contact to improve the anchor text.

Regarding branded searches, it is always important to remember that it is much easier to convince a webmaster that already has a link up to your site to change the anchor text to something that will greater benefit you than contacting a webmaster that you do not have a relationship with at all. If you are operating an e-commerce site that tends to add and remove products frequently, there may be a good number of links that exist on other sites that are pointing to dead pages. Contact those webmasters with new URLs and new anchor text, and drive link value to the new product pages!


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