Add some facebook viral marketing to your mix

I admit it – I ignored Facebook as long as I could because I did not like the idea of chatter and everyone sees everything.

But from a business point of view this was a mistake – Facebook done correctly can be a great means of finding new prospects and of spreading the word about what you have to offer.

Especially when you manage to leverage the main powers that drive people in Facebook:

The interest in what your friends do and sheer curiosity!
Maybe you have already seen that sometimes you can access certain content only when you click the like button.
Have you ever wondered how this is done?
How you can make your readers want to reveal that treasure trove behind the like curtain?

Only one click away lies a hidden treasure...

I will explain in the following:

(oh, you just have to press the like button in the blue fields below šŸ˜‰ )
Like this to reveal the hidden content.

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  1. I always think it is worth thinking of facebook and twitter as tools, rather than marketing devices in their own right. Many marketing ideas may work better in, say, print and so shoehorning an idea onto Facebook may damage the idea.

    Ultimately, the idea is what is going to work or fail.

  2. Social media is very popular nowadays and using it to drive traffic is such a good business move. Facebook, as the biggest and the most well known social media site of today is indeed a great help especially for advertising purposes.

  3. Of course, face book is such a tool that cannot be avoided. Those avoiding it would be in a loss and would not be able to get the kind of business as they could ever get on face book. There are approximately 750 face book users every day over the internet. One advertisement reaches 750 million users at a time. It is indeed a great tool.

  4. I think face book is much better than twitter in terms of driving in traffic over your advertisement but in terms of driving quality traffic but yes a little less as compared to face book than I think twitter is a very good option to go with. Nobody can beat the traffic over them apart from Google. These days face book is one level above Google in terms of traffic over it.

  5. Do you think facebook ads are a good idea then? It has been said that because you target people more specifically regarding age, sex and even things they like. Does this make it better? If someone is ‘single’ will they really click on a link on the side about dating? Or is it just another waste of time and money?

    1. Mike

      Facebook ads can absolutely make sense, but it depends a bit on your topic. You should never forget that even while you can target your audience quite well, people are on facebook to chat with their friends and and not necessarily inthe mood for buying something. If your offer is entertaining in any way or helps them boast online or something like that then a facebook ad can work wonders šŸ˜‰

  6. Avoiding social media can keep a business lagging behind. Facebook for business has great implications and is a great source of traffic. It is the largest used social media platform and can a help deal to any business.

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