Add some facebook viral marketing to your mix

I admit it – I ignored Facebook as long as I could because I did not like the idea of chatter and everyone sees everything.

But from a business point of view this was a mistake – Facebook done correctly can be a great means of finding new prospects and of spreading the word about what you have to offer.

Especially when you manage to leverage the main powers that drive people in Facebook:

The interest in what your friends do and sheer curiosity!
Maybe you have already seen that sometimes you can access certain content only when you click the like button.
Have you ever wondered how this is done?
How you can make your readers want to reveal that treasure trove behind the like curtain?

Only one click away lies a hidden treasure...

I will explain in the following:

(oh, you just have to press the like button in the blue fields below ­čśë )
Like this to reveal the hidden content.