Some things should better be done by a professional

We web people always need content – and of course we need good content.

Recently I started to polish up some of my sites and wanted to add video. So I had an animation video made for me with computer generated voices.
That was not bad but it just sounded unnatural, so I decided to add real human voices. Now having a speaker do the voice over is really expensive – or so I thought. Let’s have a look at the hypothetic situation that I was doing the voice over myself:

I could have used my headset to record audio..yes that is true but the headset mikes are just… awful sound quality.
Next option: I could have plugged in my professional quality Microphone that I have lying around somewhere and record with that.
Better quality, but still noisy because my A/D converter is not professional quality.
All that is only a look at the technical side of the problem.

But there is a much bigger problem: I am not a speaker and when I record my voice it just does not come across as clear and understandable as it should when I want my video to be seen by a large audience.

So I decided: If you want it done properly, let it be done by a professional. I am sure glad that I found a professional german speaker for the videos for my new site . It did not cost me an arm and a leg as I had feared, in fact it was very affordable – had I tried to do it myself and had I paid myself the same hourly rate I charge my customers, it would have been far more expensive.

The name of the speaker I found is Christopher Badziong and he runs the site If you ever need someone for german voiceover I can really recommend his work.