Improve traffic you already have – analyze your Exit Traffic

The major goal of SEO ist getting more traffic to your website. But is getting more traffic all you need to be successful? Of course not! More often than not you will have a goal on your page, like you want your visitors to opt-in to your list, or download something or buy something from you. As you probably know this is called a conversion. It really is a good idea to track your conversions, as this will give you a lot of hints what to improve on your site.

In order to get more conversions on your website, you want your traffic to be relevant to the topic of the site. If you “buy visitors” from some obscure ebay merchant, you will perhaps get 100 000 visitors – but no conversions, as those “visitors” are not at all interested in your site.

If you get organic traffic from search engines, for example by optimizing for a keyword by using the nofollow blog search on, the visitors to your site are already searching for what you have to offer – this leads to a much, much better conversion rate!

But there is one more thing you can do:

Even though your visitors came to your site because they were searching for something you have to offer, many of them will leave your site without giving you a conversion. This is quite normal, but you don’t have to put up with a high percentage of “no-conversion-visitors”.

Whatt if you could find out why they are leaving? Is there a good way to analyze your Exit Traffic? You can not find out for everyone but you can find out for quite a few by using the “Second Chance Profits” Scripts. They offer a easy to use way to survey your leaving visitors and thus find out where to improve to get better conversions. It doesn’t matter wether you sell something and can make an improved offer for someone before he or she leaves and doesn’t buy at all or if you just want to ask a few questions wht was wrong and why they leave. You can easily do that with Second Chance Profits.

Are you afraid that such a powerful piece of software will cost you big bucks? Well – that is the good news: “Second Chance Profits” comes for less than 10 dollars! It is only $9.97 so everyone can afford it and immediatly start having bettter results!

Check out “Second Chance Profits” and add another valuable building block to your online success!