Get backlinks from social bookmarking sites II

Perhaps you have already read the first article to this topic (Get backlinks from social bookmarking sites) so you already know about the importance of bookmarking your site on a social network. While Jon points to sites where you can submit your page or post to a whole bunch of social bookmarking sites, there is one easy step you can do on you page that will helb you boost getting social bookmarks. And that is offer the logos of a few well known bookmarking sites at the end of all your articles and pages. If you are running a wordpress blog then this is really very easy! There is a wordpress plugin that can do all the work for you. It is called “Sociable” and was written by Joost de Valk. He is a smart guy from the Netherlands who runs a very good SEO site and has build quite a few really useful wordpress plugins.

Just install Sociable and go to Settings page of the plugin. Here you can choose from a lot of social bookmarking sites and change their order of appearance.

Now all your visitors have a really easy way for bookmarking your site.

NeuroLinker: an automated link building system

NeuroLinker is a system for building automated backlinks. If you have followed my blog for some time, you know that I am a big fan of Jonathan Leger’s link programs, (see my article Getting backlinks with the “Leger Backlink Family” for an overview on 3waylinks, 1waylinks and mywaylinks)
Now that does not mean that I am blind to everything else, in fact there are other excellent programs out there, too, and one of them is NeuroLinker:
Neurolinker has not only has become a serious rival to, it incorporates most of the functionality of many other SEO services, which makes it a one stop SEO solution.

When neurolinker started, it was basically the same as 3waylinks, but they constantly added very useful features, and by now neurolinker is something like 3waylinks combined with 1waylinks plus a social bookmarking service + article marketing.

Let’s have a closer look on neurolinker:

Links from relevant sites
Neurolinker has an option to choose whether you want only backlinks from related sites. That will lead to much fewer backlinks, but you do not have to worry that you might get visitors from sites that don’t have anything to do with yours. There once was a category listing in 3waylinks, too, but is has no relevance.
If it is sheer quantity of backlinks that you are after, you can choose to get links from unrelated sites, too.
In 3waylinks there is no way to choose.

Deep links
In 3waylinks all links are links to your homepage. In neurolinker, you can create backlinks to any page on your website.
That is great for supporting inner pages of your site.

Number of Backlinks
Neurolinker states you get unlimited backlinks – of course that is only half the truth: The number of links is only limited by the number of members in the system, but it is definitely higher than with 3waylinks (250 backlinks per domain).

Amount of domains
3waylinks allows you to put up to 50 domains in the system – under certain circumstances, namely if you have domains with a PR of 4 or higher, you can put more than 50 domains in the system. Neurolinker has a quota of 100 domains from start…

Other Services
Neurolinker has a much broader portfolio of link types, they introduced an reciprocal social bookmarking service(digg and stumble). In Exchange to diggs and stumbles for your sites, you bookmark, digg and stumble other peoples sites…
Neurolinker also sports an article service. You can submit articles that will be published on other member websites – basically what 1waylinks does, too.

Now for all the extra functionality I would have expected a hefty price tag, but in fact neurolinker is even cheaper than 3waylinks.
Now if you asked me: Mike, do you abandon 3waylinks and use neurolinker instead?
My answer is easy: Of course not! 3waylinks is much too valuable to abandon it and contrary to neurolinker they accept my non english web sites, too. But neurolinker is far too powerful to ignore, so I use both, sometimes even for the same site, and what can I say: it is double the power than only one linking service 😉

Marketing on Social Media Sites For The Nay Sayers

The other day, I was reading some internet marketing blogs. I came across a few different blog posts about social networking on myspace and facebook. This is usually nothing to write home about but in these posts, the author was saying that these don’t work.

It just so happens, one of these blog authors requested me as a friend on myspace. Again nothing new here except for the approach. This person (I will call him “Andrew”) introduced himself, claimed to be a member of one of the programs I speak of on my profile. Andrew wrote that he was a member of the company and didn’t make any money using the techniques. He then went on to say it was a scam.

What happened next blew my mind. After this bashing of the company (that I have been very successful with) He offered me another program!

I didn’t know “Andrew” from the man on the moon. He comes to my page, attacks the company I work with, and then expects me to join him… Wow. What a way to build trust.

I found out that he was the author of one of the blogs I spoke on earlier because of the links at the end of the message he sent me. I realized why he was unable to make any money.

Marketing on myspace or any other social network is quite simple.

  1. First build a friend list in a specific niche by joining groups. Then add them to your friends. While on their profile READ IT. You can find out what they are into and what they are about. You don’t want to be on a network trying to promote affiliate programs to an affiliate marketer. They are doing the same thing you are, so chances are they will not buy from you. Unless you have something that is of value to them.
  2. Second you have to socialize. What I mean by this is, find out what they are into, and get to know them. Do this to build trust. Write blogs about your niche and invite them to read them. Get them to a squeeze page with a link in the blog post. Make sure you offer value first program last.
  3. Do not send messages to people about your business or affiliate program until you are sure your “friends” want them. The easiest way to do this is with a squeeze/capture page.
  4. Make videos and post them to these sites. Put your affiliate links at the bottom of the video screen. There are even programs that allow you to put your link on other people videos. You can then put these videos in your blog post with in the networks.

That is all it takes. You can build a great income easily by networking, and offering value. That is really all it takes. I feel the reason these bloggers had issues making money on social networking sites is because they don’t know how to network or how to turn their “friends” into leads. They do not follow the steps outlined above.

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Social signals for SEO

Does Google use data from social sites in ranking? There has been much discussion about this for quite a time and now Matt Cutts has confirmed what most of us have suspected for a long time:

Incoming search terms for the article: