Penguin Winners vs.Penguin Loosers

Link Building Case Study on Penguin Update
Penguin Update – Link Building Case Study via

The Penguin Update is not exactly new any more – there was time enough to dive into the data and have a look what distinguished the Google Penguin Update Losers from the Winners. One of the best experts to do an analysis like that is Christoph Cemper. Why is that – because he has one of the best toolsets in the industry at his disposal and he is a renowned specialist when it come to link building and link analytics.
Click on the infographics above and read the complete case study.

3waylinks site approval

A short update on my ranking study:

3waylinks states that it will take about 48 hours on business days to get your site reviewed and approved once you have submitted it. Well in my case it went a lot faster! Merely 8 hours later my site was approved and I assume that by tomorrow the first links will go live. Hopefully the results will help my in my race against time – Google recommendations will work for only three more weeks – will 3waylinks help me to get ranked fast enough?

Ranking experiment for firefox page

How fast can you get ranked if you want use your last chance on Google recommendations?

I will conduct a little experiment to see how effective 3waylinks really is:

As you may know the Google recommendations programme will be suspended end of August… Not much time if you want to make a little money from that.

Today I started a domain with firefox referrals and want to get it ranked in google as fast as possible. As a kickstarter I digged the page and made one doFollow blog comment on a blog I found here on That, together with the link from this experiment page should get the site indexed.

After that I will use nothing more than 3waylinks to get an accurate picture of the power of 3waylinks.

Of course I could do more linkbuilding – but I do not want to use any other methods in order to see what 3waylinks can do for me.

Stay tuned, next update will be as soon as the site gets indexed.

Ranking study: First hit from google

I have to admit – the first hit from google is for a keyword that is a little bit weird: “kostenloserfirefox mozilla”

But nevertheless – it is a hit and I checked the ranking – and now hold your breath: Google page one, ranking number 4! That is a very good ranking (Although for a seldom searched keyword)

Let’s hope that things go on like this and at the same speed!

My firefox site is indexed at google

[UPDATE: I do not own this site any longer and thus don’t track it’s progress]

Next step in my small ranking study: my firefox site is indexed at google – that step went rather fast. So I went on, installed the 3waylinks wordpress plugin and did some keyword research with KeywordElite to find out what Keyphrases I want to rank for and put the site into  3waylinks. Currently I am waiting to the site being reviewed. Hopefully this will be done by tomorrow – let’s see how long it takes until the first visitor arrives on the page 🙂