What is more important? Relevance or page load speed?

Recently the signals from google that page load speeds plays a more and more important role as a ranking factor were quite clear.
This lead to quite a few people asking whether page speed might even be more important than relevance.
Well – page speed is one out of more than 200 factors important for ranking.
Listen to what Matt cutts can tell us about it:

Do-Follow and WordPress 2.7

What a shame!
Now I run a blog that is all about Do-Follow blogs and how to find Do-Follow blogs and I am not able to remove the Nofollow tag on my own blog!
Thanks to a hint from one of my readers, I finally noticed that the links on my blog were actually nofollow – wordpress’ standard…
What had happened? First I had the suspicion that a new version of the Platinum SEO plugin, which I can highly recommend, superseded the setting from my “Follow URL” plugin… but after some research I found out, that it was just an incompatibility issue with wordpress 2.7. I now use Nofollow Free as the plugin of choice and the problem is solved šŸ˜‰

google internet browser chrome

Today Google announced their own web browser called “Chrome” (http://googleblog.blogspot.com/2008/09/fresh-take-on-browser.html) – In my opinion a bit more competition is a good thing. Although I hope that this will not hurt the mozilla firefox project. All the technical background for the new browser is explained in a nice comic:


It all sounds very promising, hopefully we all will be surfing the net in a more convenient way soon and at faster speed! You can download it here: Chrome Download

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Two kinds of google penalties

Most probably most of you are aware that there is such a thing as a google penalty – Your site will vanish from the search results or at least be sent to one of the last pages if you don’t behave well and do nasty things like hidden text, keyword stuffing, etc.
What many are not aware is that there are two types of penalties – the automatic or algorithmic one and the manual one.
And depending what lead to your penalty the way to lift it might be different.
As so many times before Matt Cutts brings us the answer in an excellent short video:

Update on google chrome internet browser

I downloaded the new beta of the google internet browser (chrome) and currently I am typing this in a a new tab of chrome. My first impression? It is lightning fast, both at program start and at loading pages. If you open a new tab, your most often pages are shown and you can jump to one of them with one click.

It all looks very neat! Enough for now, I will play some more with it šŸ˜‰

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