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Getting dofollow backlinks is an important SEO activity.
Read this howto first before you proceed…

…and read this warning about the do follow blog list accuracy.

  • Get a big list of keyword relevant Blogs
  • Filter Blogs for Do-Follow (Excel auto-filter, choose “Yes” in the “isDofollow” column for DoFollow Blogs)
  • Sort Blogs by PR
  • Get list of CommentLuv-Blogs
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Getting Free backlinks from blog comments


Getting links to to your site from other sites is what drives you up in the search engine rankings. Getting links with an anchor text that you can determine makes the real difference…

So how does this all work here?

First of all – you can get free backlinks, but it is a little bit of work involved… You have to find blogs that do not use the nofollow attribute in their links… What is the “nofollow attribute”? Basically it tells search engines to disregard the link to your site! So we need blogs that do follow (and of course have commenting enabled)!

Luckily, finding those is quite easy now, just go to the search form and enter a keyword or keyword phrase for which you want to find do follow blogs. This does not have to be the keyword that you want to rank for or that you want to use when you write blog comments, it just have to describe the topic you are looking for. In fact it is better to choose a broader approach, as you will receive more blogs if you use a more general search term.
When the system has finished checking all the sites for DoFollow, you will receive an email with a list of blogs for your topic – depending on how popular the topic actually is. Obviously this is the reason why you have to use a working email adress…

Now you can visit these no-nofollow blogs and leave a comment with some of your keywords in the “name” field and your website in the website field …and voila – you have a one-way backlink to your site with your keywords as an anchor!

So, why is it important to have dofollow blogs for your exact keyword phrases and not just any dofollow blogs? Well, to be honest, it is not so important at all – it just makes it easier for you to make quality comments to the blogs you found. And this is crucial! If you do not make sensible, thoughtful comments, your comments will be deleted! Or even worse: Your website might be added to blog spam filters what makes it hard to have your comments stick on other blogs as well… So to be on the safe side, have a look on the blog you are going to comment on. If there are already some comments with funny names that look more like keywords, go on and post your comment, if not perhaps just go on to the next blog in the list. It might not be worth the work if your comment is deleted.

So be sure to choose keywords that you know a little bit about, they should have to do with your site’s topic but you can try a broad range of related keywords if the search does not give you enough results. What can you do if the search only gives you a handful of blogs or no blogs at all? Well this can happen, as using the nofollow tag is the default in programs like wordpress, so it might be hard to find blogs. Don’t worry – Try to search with similar keywords or a broader keyphrase. The exact topic of the blogs does not matter to much – your links will be counted even if they are from a blog that is not related to the keywords of your site. What really matters is that you can choose the anchor text of your link.

There is a little work to do with this method, but it provides you with a virtually endless supply of free one way backlinks!

And now go to the search form and try it yourself!

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  1. This is a great idea; in particular, the possibility of searching for keywords within your sphere of interest promotes active, relevant discussion on blogs that could, in return, give you a leg up over the competition.

    If you have something useable to add to the comments section, then the SEO help has at least been earned. And vice versa.

    Incidentally – it’s my understanding that Google only indexes the first 100 links or so, on any given page. True?

  2. This is a great idea. The possibility of searching for keywords within your sphere of interest promotes active, relevant discussion on blogs that could, in return, give you a leg up over the competition.

    If you have something useable to add to the comments section, then the SEO help has at least been earned. And vice versa.

    Incidentally – it’s my understanding that Google only indexes the first 100 links or so, on any given page.


    1. aranzman

      I think the link indexing question is a complicated one – first of all google does not really index links but pages, and of course google will count links on that indexed pages.
      A page with more than 100 links will not be able to pass much link juice per link anymore, so the question would rather be whether a link on such a page is worth much anymore at all, no matter whether it is one of the the first 100 or a later link. I would not go for such a link, there is just not enough power passed…


  3. My personal opinion is that every link counts, nofollow or dofollow, they can bring customers and extend your reach. If you have a lot of links from trusted sources which have traffic, then you can easily say you don’t depend so much on Google. But for this you need to also have good content on your website.

    1. Hi John

      You are very right – I recently read about a guy who calls himself traffic optimizer (opposed to search engine optimizer) who doesn’t care about google rankings at all. All he does is build links from sites with good traffic and the resulting referral traffic is his bread and butter. This is an amazing concept as it makes you independent from SEs and it pushes more quality on the web, because high traffic sites will very probably only give you a link when your site’s quality is good.


  4. Now that’s the abundance mentality! I’ve always thought there was no advantage to making blogs do-follow, but these days I’m starting to see things a little differently.

  5. This post is great about dofollow blogs, but no one seems to mention forums.

    Most forums allow you a signature with a dofollow link.
    It is of utter importance to only reply with high value content on the question or comment, as it is easy to get banned from the forum by the moderators, if they suspect that you are just posting to add a backlink to your site.

    Now back to the main subject of dofollow blogs.
    I am no SEO expert in any way, but through observation and some common sense I suspect that the big Search Engines, especially Google still weights any nofollow links in their algorithms.
    Sure they certainly will NOT have the same power as dofollow links, but as the most importance of link building is for the links to appear natural, one cannot underestimate that there is a huge chance that they are factored in as a positive vote to the linked site. This means that having a substantial amount of nofollow links will probably add up as a positive count like when getting a direct dofollow link.

    How many nofollow links are needed to count as one dofollow link?
    That answer can only be answered directly by the Search Engine’s engineers, and for obvious reasons this type of answer will never be available to the public.

    But keeping on the same proven principle that links have to appear natural, I also suspect that ONLY having dofollow links can actually damage your rankings, as there is an obvious evidence that someone is working very hard to only add dofollow links.
    This does not appear natural to the Search Engines, especially Google who is particularly more stringent in their algorithm factors, compared to the other Search Engines.

    I came to such conclusions after successfully implementing what I was thought earlier on in my online carrier, through Adam Short who specializes in dominating his website rankings in various niches online.
    He teaches SEO domination in , which I highly evaluate and recommend. You can check my own personal review of NPC on my site.

  6. Hello Michael,
    Do you provide paid service? If it is free can you send me the methods to find dofollow blogs to comment?
    Simulation Games

    1. Hi Ankur
      Paid service for what? I am an IT consultant so I can help you with lots of IT related problems if you pay me 😉
      If you are talking about my dofollow search on thes start page of this site – it is free to use but I will not publish source code or discuss the methods – after all the search is the number one reason why people visit my blog 😉


  7. I have a question.
    I’m concerned that one may look suspicious in the eyes of Google if all (or too many) links come from do follow sites!
    Am I just paranoid?:/

    1. Anita

      No, you are not paranoid – it is a very good idea to sprinkle in some nofollow links, too as otherwise you end up with a not so natural looking link profile…


  8. I can say building links on no follow sites can’t do no harm on your site especially if you want to gain traffic on your page especially if the blog or forum has higher page rank.

    1. Correct. No follow links mean that they are not followed by the search engines. Not that they are not counted by them. Not to mention that, it doesn’t stop you from gaining visitors from people spotting your link on a blog or an article, liking what you have wrote and visiting your site.

  9. Backlinks are the lifeline of blogs and websites. They give you traffic, they give you exposure and more importantly, they give you the much needed Google Juice, which is so important to rank up in SERP. Given the importance of Backlinks, they are probably hardest thing to gain. People follow all sorts of practices to get Backlinks including link exchange, buying links etc.
    Grace @ How to Make Him Fall in Love With You´s last blog post ..How to Make Him Fall in Love With You

  10. Mike,

    What is your suggestion on new google mechanism called Panda. What kind of websites and web content may have an issue from such thing.

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    1. Raj,

      Panda is mainly about conten quality, web sites with mainly scraped thin content will definitely have a problem.
      Try to make up new unique content. That means not only to write in other words but to really contribute new thoughts.
      Besides that: Not all penalties are panda related. of course there are other types of penalties, too.


    2. I won’t worry to much about panda, if you have a good blog, also as far as i know panda applies penalties only for scraping not for backlinks spamming, Michael can you confirm that?

      By the way the tool is great
      Tema´s last blog post ..Can’t login on Messenger

      1. Hi Tema

        Yes that is true – but don’t forget that there is not only panda – you will most probably get a penalty for backlinks spamming some day, too, just with another name to it 😉


  11. Hi Michael,

    Its really good to read about the list and the way it has been listed from high priority and step by step… It makes the picture clear that where the website is going wrong or what is missing in it…

  12. Michael that is nice ideal i do follow this link…

    Thank you

  13. Thanks for the info did not know to do no follow links thanks.I have been do all follow links and i am starting to lose rank.

  14. Is this serviced free? no opt in or scam?

    1. Hi James

      You will get an email asking you to opt in to my newsletter but this is totally your decision. You will get the same results no matter whether you opt in or not. And you can use the service as often as you want, no matter whether… you got it… it is completely free.


  15. This application is really usefull thank you Michael

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