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Getting dofollow backlinks is an important SEO activity.
Read this howto first before you proceed…

…and read this warning about the do follow blog list accuracy.

  • Get a big list of keyword relevant Blogs
  • Filter Blogs for Do-Follow (Excel auto-filter, choose “Yes” in the “isDofollow” column for DoFollow Blogs)
  • Sort Blogs by PR
  • Get list of CommentLuv-Blogs
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Getting Free backlinks from blog comments


Getting links to to your site from other sites is what drives you up in the search engine rankings. Getting links with an anchor text that you can determine makes the real difference…

So how does this all work here?

First of all – you can get free backlinks, but it is a little bit of work involved… You have to find blogs that do not use the nofollow attribute in their links… What is the “nofollow attribute”? Basically it tells search engines to disregard the link to your site! So we need blogs that do follow (and of course have commenting enabled)!

Luckily, finding those is quite easy now, just go to the search form and enter a keyword or keyword phrase for which you want to find do follow blogs. This does not have to be the keyword that you want to rank for or that you want to use when you write blog comments, it just have to describe the topic you are looking for. In fact it is better to choose a broader approach, as you will receive more blogs if you use a more general search term.
When the system has finished checking all the sites for DoFollow, you will receive an email with a list of blogs for your topic – depending on how popular the topic actually is. Obviously this is the reason why you have to use a working email adress…

Now you can visit these no-nofollow blogs and leave a comment with some of your keywords in the “name” field and your website in the website field …and voila – you have a one-way backlink to your site with your keywords as an anchor!

So, why is it important to have dofollow blogs for your exact keyword phrases and not just any dofollow blogs? Well, to be honest, it is not so important at all – it just makes it easier for you to make quality comments to the blogs you found. And this is crucial! If you do not make sensible, thoughtful comments, your comments will be deleted! Or even worse: Your website might be added to blog spam filters what makes it hard to have your comments stick on other blogs as well… So to be on the safe side, have a look on the blog you are going to comment on. If there are already some comments with funny names that look more like keywords, go on and post your comment, if not perhaps just go on to the next blog in the list. It might not be worth the work if your comment is deleted.

So be sure to choose keywords that you know a little bit about, they should have to do with your site’s topic but you can try a broad range of related keywords if the search does not give you enough results. What can you do if the search only gives you a handful of blogs or no blogs at all? Well this can happen, as using the nofollow tag is the default in programs like wordpress, so it might be hard to find blogs. Don’t worry – Try to search with similar keywords or a broader keyphrase. The exact topic of the blogs does not matter to much – your links will be counted even if they are from a blog that is not related to the keywords of your site. What really matters is that you can choose the anchor text of your link.

There is a little work to do with this method, but it provides you with a virtually endless supply of free one way backlinks!

And now go to the search form and try it yourself!

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  1. But most of them avoid doing into nofollow links…

    1. Oh, you don’t have to chase nofollow links, just sprinkle them in from time to time. Or if you see a blog you really like, take part in the discussion regardless whether it is nofollow or dofollow – after all that is what the web is about ­čśë


      1. Well said about what the web is about.

        I strongly believe that if we are going to be using the web as an income source we should make sure it continues to work and serve it’s real purpose. Ethical marketing FTW!

        Spamming may work in the short term but will just make comments worthless and it’s our own customers/visitors that end up with a worse web because of it.

        Sadly people are greedy though and will probably end up killing off comments as a good source of backlinks.

  2. is it totally free?

    1. Yes it is – use it as often as you want ­čśë

  3. I only build on dofollow links since I’ve read a lot of post regarding nofollow links, they say too many nofollow link will harm your site and its not helping your site in terms of SERP.

    1. Hi Clark

      There is a big difference between not helping your rankings and hurting your site, Nofollow links will definitely NOT hurt your site. And while getting nofollow links will not help getting better rankings, the complete absence of nofollow links will surely hurt your rankings. If you are getting links naturally, that is by people who just like your site you will very probably already have a few nofollow links. But imagine what happens if you only have dofollow links – no natural linking pattern would look like that and ist will very likely trigger a penalty for your site…


  4. You have to include no follow links in my opinion. Doing anything else looks unnatural and flags to Big G that your trying to trick the system.

  5. Does this mean I can take the opportunity to build backlink with this comment on your site and get a dofollow link as well? If so, thanks in advance! ­čÖé

  6. All the blogs i got sent we’re either in a foreign language or were completely errelevant to the storage keyword that i specified.

    1. Daniel,

      It depends a lot on the keyword you were searching for – if the keyword is on page somewhere (might be a comment or a widget or anything else and there are no better sites in the results pages of the big search engines, then this search here will deliver no better results. regarding results in other languages: I am thinking of implementing search via proxies in different countries so every user can select his or her own regin. currently I am thinking of how to finance decent proxy services as the search here is free…

  7. I’ve recently check my backlinks and I was shock that from a hundred of backlinks, it increased to 2 thousand and I noticed almost 80% are nofollow links from 1 website which a recent comment widget. Question, what will be the effect of that? Thanks..

    1. Frank,

      The effect is nothing really spectacular: Those links just don’t count in your ranking. It not uncommon that some big sites have sitewide links, even if these links were dofollow it would gain you more ranking power than one good link from that same domain as the link would be recognized as a sitewide link. So in short: nothing to worry about.


      1. If nofollow have no effect in your SEO, what’s the purpose of building in nofollow sites? Just to make your site “natural”?

        1. Yes it has the effect of you link profile staying natural looking – and I would not say “just” as this is essential to prevent penalties…


        2. I think it also has a SEO effect, a website having lots of nofollow links can be seen by the search engines as being important and deserves to be promoted even those links are not do follow. Don’t forget that search engines have lots of methods to monitor traffic: toolbars, gadgets and maybe also GA (there are some rumors about that)

  8. I’ve noticed the following thing. Many bloggers start their blogs from “dofollow”. This trick gives lots of backlinks, as many websites include their blogs into dofollow list. But after few months blogs become “nofollow”.
    Vincente @ Anesthesiologist salary┬┤s last blog post ..Introduction into the Career of an Anesthesiologist

  9. Hello Michael,

    Sorry to say, but your application didn’t worked for me. Yes, it gave me the search items but most of them were nofollow. I have used the search term “blogging” and “affiliate marketing” to find the blogs. Can you please help me?

    1. Hi Mac

      Did you use the auto filter setting to filter for dofollow in the list?


  10. In this case, we obtain that most links will go to the comments on other blogs, I think it would cause suspicion of Google. Maybe we should dilute what some other links?

    1. Solessito,

      You are right, blog commenting should never be your only source of links – it is always a good ide to follow a diversified approach.


  11. Hey Michael,

    Thanks for the share. This is is a great way to get high PR backlinks to your sites. As far as putting together a good list of dofollow blogs, Scrapebox is an awesome tool. It can quickly scrape huge lists of high PR dofollow blogs. Then, you can manually post relevant, insightful comments to get your backlinks.

  12. I agree with a grace,that backlinks are lifeline of follow links are not harm on your follow links means that search engine will not count that a does not effect on a traffic of the site.

  13. I use various online backlink checkers and noticed that some of my older nofollow blog comment links have recently turned dofollow according to the checker. Yet when I go to the site all the blog comments still show red with my nofollow highlighter. What’s up with that?

    1. Hi Zack

      I guess that your backlink ckecker does not take into account all possibilities how to make a link nofollow. If there is a page wide declaration like then all the links on that page are actually nofollow, no mater whether the link itself has a nofollow tag on it or not…


  14. Hello Michael
    First time I’ve visited your site and just downloaded the dofollow blog list using the search engine provided above for the keyword “seo”.I’ve checked the list sent to me by email.There are around 14000 webpages in the list .But most of the pages have PR0 .I urgently need a list of High PR pages focused on SEO.Could you please guide me from where I can obtain such a list .I’m ready to buy such a list if the price is reasonable.So please tell me where to start.

    1. Hamza,

      I am sorry my list are keyword centric and I only deliver the PR because some people still give weight to it.
      There are a few open questions in your request – what does high PR mean for you? Does it start with 3 or 4 or 5? Also what is a reasonable price for you? If you are interested, contact me via contact form or via email, as you might know I am an IT consultant. Maybe we can work out something that suits your need.


  15. Awesome resource, Michael. Thank you for sharing this with the rest of us. Blog commenting plays a dual purpose for me – building links and learning – so this tool will help me be more effective and weed through blogs more quickly. I’ve bookmarked it and will be back on a regular basis. Thanks again!

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