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Getting dofollow backlinks is an important SEO activity.
Read this howto first before you proceed…

…and read this warning about the do follow blog list accuracy.

  • Get a big list of keyword relevant Blogs
  • Filter Blogs for Do-Follow (Excel auto-filter, choose “Yes” in the “isDofollow” column for DoFollow Blogs)
  • Sort Blogs by PR
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Getting Free backlinks from blog comments


Getting links to to your site from other sites is what drives you up in the search engine rankings. Getting links with an anchor text that you can determine makes the real difference…

So how does this all work here?

First of all – you can get free backlinks, but it is a little bit of work involved… You have to find blogs that do not use the nofollow attribute in their links… What is the “nofollow attribute”? Basically it tells search engines to disregard the link to your site! So we need blogs that do follow (and of course have commenting enabled)!

Luckily, finding those is quite easy now, just go to the search form and enter a keyword or keyword phrase for which you want to find do follow blogs. This does not have to be the keyword that you want to rank for or that you want to use when you write blog comments, it just have to describe the topic you are looking for. In fact it is better to choose a broader approach, as you will receive more blogs if you use a more general search term.
When the system has finished checking all the sites for DoFollow, you will receive an email with a list of blogs for your topic – depending on how popular the topic actually is. Obviously this is the reason why you have to use a working email adress…

Now you can visit these no-nofollow blogs and leave a comment with some of your keywords in the “name” field and your website in the website field …and voila – you have a one-way backlink to your site with your keywords as an anchor!

So, why is it important to have dofollow blogs for your exact keyword phrases and not just any dofollow blogs? Well, to be honest, it is not so important at all – it just makes it easier for you to make quality comments to the blogs you found. And this is crucial! If you do not make sensible, thoughtful comments, your comments will be deleted! Or even worse: Your website might be added to blog spam filters what makes it hard to have your comments stick on other blogs as well… So to be on the safe side, have a look on the blog you are going to comment on. If there are already some comments with funny names that look more like keywords, go on and post your comment, if not perhaps just go on to the next blog in the list. It might not be worth the work if your comment is deleted.

So be sure to choose keywords that you know a little bit about, they should have to do with your site’s topic but you can try a broad range of related keywords if the search does not give you enough results. What can you do if the search only gives you a handful of blogs or no blogs at all? Well this can happen, as using the nofollow tag is the default in programs like wordpress, so it might be hard to find blogs. Don’t worry – Try to search with similar keywords or a broader keyphrase. The exact topic of the blogs does not matter to much – your links will be counted even if they are from a blog that is not related to the keywords of your site. What really matters is that you can choose the anchor text of your link.

There is a little work to do with this method, but it provides you with a virtually endless supply of free one way backlinks!

And now go to the search form and try it yourself!

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  1. I completely agree that getting dofollow blog comments is an important part of SEO. Thank you so much for providing this source of dofollow blogs.

  2. I have never searched for blogs in this way. Hope this is going to help me in great way.

  3. All i can say is WOW, you have made my tasks much easier and I thank you for info that you have provided, dofollow backlinks are becoming increasingly difficult to find these days

  4. i think google lookes and crawles any link. But the reasen for rel=nofollow is to tell google that i link to this site becouse i must, not becouse i like it! But i good blend is never wrong.

  5. Thanks for sharing this article. I’ve been looking for do-follow sites for a long time. I’m a having a hard time searching it. Backlinks are important because it will help your site to have a high-traffic. This is a major importance of backlinks. Do-Follow and No-Follow are both important.

  6. I love do follow blogs 🙂

    With your tool is so easy…

    Thanks Michael for your help.

  7. I’m just now exploring backlinks for increasing traffic to my website and so appreciate your tips. The DoFollow aspect of blogs is something new to me.

  8. First, I would like to thank you to provide us a simple and free tool for getting do-follow links. But one should also build no do-follow links that makes the link building strategies natural in the eyes of Search Engines.

    1. That is what I keep saying and that is the reason whay the nofollow nlogs are left in the list and only marked nofollow…


  9. Thanks Michael. I have just signed up for the list of do folow blogs. I am so glad I stumbled on your blog today. I hardly ever check if a blog is do follow or not these days because you need both to make your link buiding look more natural. It would look strange just to have do follow backlinks. If I come across a blog that is not spammed to death and has good interesting content, I tend to comment, regardless of whether it is do follow or no follow.

  10. thanks Michael for this tool.

    i just now get your email with
    search result attachment..

    thanks for your help…

  11. Thanks for the list of dofollow blogs. Most dofollow blog lists don’t really have dofollow blogs in them (That people can post on) will check these out.

  12. Thanks for the great article Mike. It gets so tedious and frustrating sometimes to look for do follow blogs. I’m glad I stumbled across your site. Your article genuinely helped me! Cheers!

  13. It will really helpful for working SEO on any site. When I came upon your site, I must say your webpages is really cool I just love the content, its outstanding ! I’m in a bit of a rush in this instance to completely read your blog but I have favorites it . I will be back when I free up some time. Thanks

  14. This is great, thanks for providing us those links and tips to get backlinks on dofollow blogs.

  15. Just read a mail today from CommentKahuna about a user who was able to get on the first page of Google, and on 4th position, just be commenting on relevant related blogs, over a period of one month, without consideration of the site PR, nor Do-Follow tags. Amazing. Value and relevancy is what counts heavily.

    1. Hi Alex

      Yes, amazing – although I would not be very astonished if he loses this good ranking quite quickly, too. I would never rely solely on one single link building method. While getting lots of blog comments backlinks might look natural in the beginning, there should be other links after a while, too.


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