[SEO-Tip] Get your questions answered

Not only children can ask you questions till you explode 😉

If you need to create content on your niche site or for article marketing, you have plenty of questions yourself. Creating articles on your blog that answer the questions your readers might have is an excellent way to attract more visitors – and answering questions is one of the best ways to create content… but you have to know those answers.

If you read my blog here for a while, you know that in a few sentences, I will present a solution for that dilemma to you…
And you are right 😉
I just purchased the most amazing software I have seen for a long time.
Do you remember how your jaws dropped when you first saw google earth?
I had the same feeling when I got my first glimpse of AnswerAnalyst on
Jon Leger’s site.

Watch this amazing video: AnswerAnalyst from Jon Leger

And if you wonder what I do right now…well, answering a few questions on some of my niche sites, what did you think? 😉

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  1. Michael, thanks for this post. I’m sorry to trouble you with a question about something I’ve been wondering about for a while: in the ten websites I have set up in the past year (5 of which are doing well), I have engaged in article marketing, blog commenting and some forum work. There is one thing I haven’t tried, which I will be doing almost exclusively in the coming months for my favorite blog in the field in which I am most knowledgeable: guest-posting. Do you think that contributing fantastic content to, say, 5 highly-regarded weblogs with very high PRs is better than hundreds of blog comments, etc?

    1. Hello Christina

      The question is not whether the site you get a link from has a high PR but rather whether it ranks for your keyword of choice.
      Also never underestimate the power of direct traffic – if you get a prominent link from a high traffic site this might not even help your google rankings – nevertheless it will provide lots of traffic. I remeber very well when I got my first link from within a wikipedia article – I had not even placed it myself, it was just from someone who thought that my site (not this one ;-)) was useful. That gave me a 200% traffic boost and as you are probably aware wikipedia links are nofollow – so you know this did not help my rankings at all, nevertheless it was one of the best things that could have happened to me 😉
      Back to your question – if you have the chance to get a link from a regarded blog – always go for it.


  2. I am also a newbie and looking to start my business. I If there is only one software that I should buy, what should it be?

    1. Hello Sue

      Of course I could use this for big pitch fest and tell you you should XYZ – and while the question which single tool is the most versatile and will give you the most for your money is very legitimate, I don’t think that this is a good approach for a newbie. I think the closest answer could be SEONukeX – but honestly your approach should be to understand the mechanisms better that are used with software like that. If you don’t it is impossible to know whether what a piece of software does will actually hurt you or help you.
      A short example from my time as a bloody beginner: I was looking for ways to get more traffic and I had not even grasped the concept of building links – I found a software that promised to put my “ad” in front of the eyes of millions… I later found out that it was spamming blogs and I was so ashamed that I ran around with a red head for the next two months…
      So my recommendation would be, learn what the free tools like google analytics, google webmaster tools, google keywordtool, openlinkgraph, opensiteexplorer and so on can show you – then start building links manually then use systems like 1waylinks. All those steps should be able to provide you with more and more knowledge and more and more income at the same time, so you can proceed to the next (more expensive) tools. Not because you can afford them but because you understand what they do…


  3. Thank you for your reply, I will surely take your words in mind 🙂

  4. I saw you have recommended senukex in a previous comment. Have you evaluated this against Magic submitter? They do about the same thing and MS is half the price. Just curious as I”m looking at both as potential additions to my toolbox.

    1. Glenn

      SENukeX is more than jsut a submitting software, but to be honest I have not conducted a real 1:1 comparison, so I can not tell whether SENukeX is really better in the same degree that it more expensive – from my feeling it is, though…

  5. wow i think its realy worth 97$ if it can creat a uniqe conetnt Michael did you try this software what you think about it !

    1. Hey Tom

      Of course I tested the software 😉
      But to be honest – it will not create unique content automatically, but it will greatly help you in doing your job by giving you all the information you need to create unique content.

  6. I have been involved in internet marketing for about 2 years now. I still consider myself to be a “newbie”, I have a few sites that bring in some “extra money” but still have a full time job.
    My comment is more to do with comments already received.
    Because of the amount of information out there and with so many of making money, I would offer this advise to anyone that was just starting.
    Find ONE method that you think you could make money from, read everything that you can on that ONE subject and try to become an “expert” on that ONE method.
    There is so much information on the internet and everyone wants to sell you the next best thing. Just Pick ONE, and be all you can be, if it doesn’t workout move onto another. If you have success in that ONE, keep doing it and then start a second method.

  7. Hi Farhan

    It is right here on the start page of my site: http://www.seo-traffic-guide.de

  8. Thanks for the tips. Once you’ve got traffic up, what’s the best way to monitize these niche sites in your opinion? affiliate, ads, sell links?

    1. Hi Peter

      That depends very much on the topic of your website. The best approach would be to try out everything and have a look what works best for you. E.g. Swap an ad with adsense area on you page with an ad for an affiliate offer and see which earns you more…

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