How does KeywordLuv work

Many people know about blog commenting as a way to build backlinks – not many know that on some blogs it even gets better. I am talking about KeywordLuv blogs. They are the SEO-guy’s dream come true. A KeywordLuv blog gives you free backlinks with keywords that you can choose freely!

But what is a Keywordluv blog and how does it work?
There is a WordPress plugin called KeywordLuv and it’s purpose is to let you choose your keywords for your link anchor freely. There are more and more blogs on the WWW that have KeywordLuv installed.

How does it work, what do you have to do to benefit from KeywordLuv blogs?
All you have to do is comment on a KeywordLuv blog and in the field for your name use the following syntax: name@keywords.
An easy example: Mike@find dofollow blogs
This will show your name in the comment and then a link to your website with your chosen keywords as anchor text. That means it will be translated to
Mike from find dofollow blogs
Notice that it has built a link to my homepage with “find dofollow blogs” as anchor text.

Do you need to install KeywordLuv to benefit from it?
No – you just have to find blogs which have it installed already. But if you want to get more comments on your blog, it might be a good idea to install it on your own blog, too.
You can find the Plugin and a very good explanation here: KeywordLuv Plugin on

And if you wonder how to find KeyowordLuv blogs, you might already have guessed… If you use the blogsearch on, you will get a list of KeywordLuv-Blogs as well.

But the shortest way to a KeywordLuv blog is actually down this page… is a KeywordLuv blog, too. You can use the KeywordLuv option on my blog, too, just tell me what you think about this article right now…

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  1. Thank you for a clear resource. A lot of seo resources are a little confusing. Seeing that this site is .de I thought there might be some German articles, it would be interesting if you put some of those out. cheers

    1. Hi Mark

      Perhaps someday I am going to translate everything here into german – right now I lack the time to do so…


  2. Michael,
    Thank you for this article and the information you provide. SEO can be very confusing for those of us who need it, but don’t completely know the best way to spend our (limited) time optimizing our sites.
    As such, this information on KeywordLuv is great!
    Thanks again,

    Wayne Nelson
    Redmond Reflexology

  3. I am considering using the keywordluv or commentluv plugin for one of my websites, to bring more traffic so google will boost it in the search rankings. The only thing I wonder is, do you notice that having lots of outgoing links on your website has any negative effects at all. I know I’ve heard it dilutes your link juice, but if my website is a PR 0 anyway, would it even matter?

    Anyway, thanks for your explanation about keyword luv. I found you by googling “how does keyword luv work”.

    1. Hi Peggy

      In my point of view the PR does not matter much – I have sites from PR 0 to PR4 all of them have some excellent rankings for some keywords… so I personally do not care for PR…
      And there is another thing: Google’s latest changes give a lot of weight to freshness – and you can achieve that only in two ways: Either provide fresh content yourself regularly or let your users comment and contribute fresh content by that… Google seems to like active discussions ­čÖé


  4. Thanks Michael for this amazing tips, I heard about comment luv but i couldn’t found something useful regarding it, maybe i didnt searched it well. I am trying to check it here if your stated tips works how effectively for me.. If it do so i will surely try your tips.

  5. Thank you for sharing. It`s a nice way for webmasters to help each other. I will install the plugin on my blogs also and hopefully I will get user comments, because I am tired of spam posted by bots (I use askimet, anyway..)

  6. I give a lot of respect to people that add these plugins to there blogs. These are the people that truly want to give something back to the net, and not just take!

    Nice work mate!

  7. Just found out about this keyword luv plug-in. I LOVE it. Will be installing this on all my blogs.

  8. Thanks Michael for this amazing tips

  9. hey mike! its my first time to be here, i finally know now what keywordluv is, great info! so hey, of course i’m gonna try it here. .looks cool! hehe

  10. Thank you for sharing. It`s a nice way for webmasters to help each other. I will install the plugin on my blogs also and hopefully I will get user comments, because I am tired of spam posted by bots (I use askimet, anyway..)

  11. Thanks for the article. I had not heared about this stuff yet. I just started building websites using wordpress en this is going to help me get my pagerank up.

  12. Thanks for the info on KeywordLuv – I had never heard of it until I saw it posted on a SEO forum and then found this page.

    I just hope the actual responses to these DoFollow blogs are genuine, not spam/bots.

  13. I am already using KeywordLuv plugin,It really work well to boost my website traffic.

  14. Thanks Michael. I have been confused about dofollow and nofollow for some time now but your post has made it really clear. I’m not sure how effective links from comments are as there seems to be a debate on the Internet. Thanks again for the post and I will check out your other articles to learn more!


  15. You know, it’s already 2012 and I feel like such a dunce that I learned about KeywordLuv from a 2008 post, but then again we all have to start somewhere.

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