Is there a google search operator to find dofollow blogs?

I sometimes get asked whether there is an easy way to find dofollow blogs with a simple google operator.
And while it would be really nice if we could find follow blogs just by typing in something like
dofollow:on mykeyword
it just does not work. And all rumors that this might come is nothing but wishful thinking – I don’t think that google will ever have an interest to show that data. And to be honest – for the vast majority of google users it also has no value at all.

Of course there are other search tricks that can help you find good candidates, for example if you search for “You comment, we follow” – but ultimately all this just finds user statements and is not 100% reliable as even if the blog owner had intended to make his or her blog dofollow there might be technical problems preventing it (outdated plugins, coding errors, you name it).

This means we will have to cope with the methods we have currently, like the blog search here on the start page of