Link building service powered by 3waylinks

Want the benefits of Jon Leger’s link building program, but think the price is just a bit over what you can currently afford?

Why pay for a number of possible domains you know you will never have.
I offer to build links for you using Jon’s 3waylinks service.
You will get the same system for one of your domains, for a fraction of the price: $10 per month!
And it gets better: The trial period is extendend to 2 months, and the trial price is only $1.
So you see how it works and how the links start coming in and only pay $1 for the first month and $1 for the second month. Only after that, when you know it works for you, you will pay the monthly price of $10.

See, it can’t get better than that!
Oh, wait – actually it can: I will even do the installation for you for free (usually costs $10 per domain…)

Use this Paypal Button for the service payment and contact me to get the details done.

2 months trial for $1 each, then $10 per month