Get more value out of SENuke

I want to be honest with you – actually SENuke (X, XCr) probably wouldn’t even be on my radar if it was not so much integrated with two products from Jonathan Leger. Anyone who read my blog here for a time certainly knows that I am a big fan of his products. I have lots of experience with both The Best Spinner as well as Article Builder, and guess what – both products have been heavily integrated with SENuke XCr. SEnuke uses both products for the tasks they are best in, creating lots and lots of unique content. With the help of the two JL tools SENuke X CR becomes a much more powerful weapon in the SEO fight. You just enter your program account API credential in the SENuke settings and you are ready to go.
Now the problem is, Jon’s tools are high quality tools and as such they also come with a cost that related to that (Hmm, well on second thought, they are quite affordable for that type of performance they deliver ­čśë ).
Anyhow. Jon decided that as it makes so much sense to not only use SEnuke but use it in conjunction with his two power tools, that he is going to give away the two tools as a bonus, more information on his terms and how to get them can be found on his website Probably this is the best way to get maximum value out of SENUke.
In case you are not familiar with what SENUke actually does, here is is the gist:
I view it as a robot that you can tell in an easy way how your link building strategy should look like. It then goes out and does all the tedious jobs for you in an automated way. The good thing is, it knows quite a lot of different ways and places where you can find backlinks, and even if there is a website or a method that it does not know yet, you can give instructions how to handle those or use scripts from other users and SEnuke will integrate that new method into it’s arsenal for you. You are completely in control as you can use the drag and drop interface to design your link building campaign and then determine a period for how long your campaign should run on autopilot.
Now I want to stress one very important aspect of using SENuke:
While it is very easy to use, there are also dangers: Certainly you have heard of the Panda and Penguin google updates and that google generally aims at counting only high quality content when it comes to evaluating links that should be taken into account for actual rankings. Without Article Builder the quality of the content that SENuke produces might not match the quality criteria google uses.
In fact, if you take a look at the screenshot of the SENuke Turbo wizard on their website (, also watch the video while you are there), you will notice that the content quality settings read “Use low quality” and “Use high quality” – and the latter setting requires Article Builder as a prerequesite…
If you don’t want to run the risk of getting a penalty you should obviously opt for high quality.
Another thing for new users is how to decide what the best strategy could look like.
My advice: Have a close look on how your competitions link profile looks like. Emulate what those who are extremely successful in you niche do. If you need help with link profile analysis, I can probably help.