Recurring traffic is in the list

Perhaps you know the old internet marketer’s saying: “The money is in the list.”

Well I would would go a little bit further and say “The key to recurring traffic is in the list”…

Of course, if you built a great site with fantastic content, chances are very good that someone actually bookmarked your site (if you are lucky then by using a social bookmark service, see my posts on Social Bookmarking). Or you are already making use of what I wrote on how to get commenters come back to your site.

Today I want to talk a little bit on the most powerful way to have people come back to your site (besides having valuable content, of course ­čśë ) and that is building your own email list.

Technically all you need is an autoresponder (like AWeber, or GetResponse)

But this only covers the technical part of it. How do you adress your list? What do you have to do to get a highly responsive list? The key to this is trust. And a key part in building trust is honesty. One example: I could go around and boast and tell everyone that my list of do-follow blogs from the Blog Search is one of the biggest available. Then after a while people would come to me very angry and tell me that on my list there are blogs that actually are no-follow and I told them I had the biggest do-follow list. So what I am saying instead is that finding do-follow blogs is not so easy after al and that there are issues with the accuracy of the blog list
You get the picture…
Someone who you can a learn a lot from regarding list buidling is Josh Spaulding. He wrote an excellent report about buidling your email list. I bought his report (at that time for only 7$, I am not sure whether he had to raise the price…) and started to digest everything he wrote. Although I have not yet implemented everything on my own list, you bet I will. I think his report is worth at least 10 times what he charges for it, go and see for yourself, the price is only 7$. And don’t let yourself be deceived by the title, although ist is called “New Age”, there is nothing esoteric in it – only useful information!

Get Josh Spauldings “New Age Email Marketing”