Have you been hit by the latest google algo update?

…If so then you have probably used too little variation in your anchor text.
It is not really new knowledge that having only a few anchor texts and thousands of links with that might not be a good idea and makes your backlinks profile stick out a bit. What is new is that google now pays even more attention to that and you will loose a lot of rankings if you don’t act now.

When Google announced the latest update they said it would come “in the next few days” … well actually it came the very next day. Rand Fsihkin of SEOMoz created a very good video in which he explains what you should do BEFORE the Algo Update comes … well the update is there so if you need hints what to avoid, now is the time to get your site straight:

Rand clearly teaches a very “white hat” approach and there might be a lot of SEOs who will tell you “…but method xyz still works” … and they are probably right.
It is a question of what you want to risk and how well you can manage those risks with methods that are little more on the grey side of white hat ­čśë

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