Tap into the keyword potiential of your site

I am often asked how to choose keywords. If you unsure of what keywords could bring more traffic to your site or what you should write about more, then you should determine the potential of keywords that are found on your site, but did not lead to any search engine clicks up to now. If you just used your web server logs or tools like google analytics to determine for which keywords your site was actually found, then you are missing out on a huge potential – the keywords that your site could be found for. There are many searches in google that would show your site in the results, but nobody ever clicked on it. The reason for that could be that your site is just on page 2344 of the SERPs or that the search result doesn’t look attractive enough. In both cases, you should do something. If the result does not look attractive, use a short descriptive meta description for your page (72 characters), and if you want to rise in the SERPs use backlink building techniques like do follow blog comments.

So but how can you find out what those keywords are that you are found for but nobody clicks on?

Use google webmaster tools! The search statics in google webmaster tools will show you the top 20 last searches that your site was found for. Take those and consider optimizing for those keywords and see your traffic rise!
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