What is more important? Relevance or page load speed?

Recently the signals from google that page load speeds plays a more and more important role as a ranking factor were quite clear.
This lead to quite a few people asking whether page speed might even be more important than relevance.
Well – page speed is one out of more than 200 factors important for ranking.
Listen to what Matt cutts can tell us about it:

What will change in 2011

Funnily Matt Cutts is answering his own question this time. He is explaining what the google webspam team is going to implement in 2011.
He calls it “back to basics” – but see for yourself:

nofollow or not … a short interview with Matt Cutts

Just recently Jen Lopez from SEOmoz met up with Matt Cutts at SES for a short but nevertheless very interesting interview.
Interesting to hear what he has to say about PR, whether to let the PR flow around on your site or to block certain pages and how to use the nofollow tag.

Matt Cutts on the “link:” operator

There is often much confusion about the link: operator in google – some people still tend to believe that only backlinks from pages with PR > 4 are shown, or that what you get to see is the complete picture. Both is wrong! See for yourself what Matt Cutts from Google tells us about the link: operator:

What are some best practices for moving to a new CMS?

That recently was a question that Matt Cutts from Google answered on the Google webmaster central channel. I found it very interesting and useful so I want to share that with you:

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