Ranking experiment for firefox page

How fast can you get ranked if you want use your last chance on Google recommendations?

I will conduct a little experiment to see how effective 3waylinks really is:

As you may know the Google recommendations programme will be suspended end of August… Not much time if you want to make a little money from that.

Today I started a domain with firefox referrals and want to get it ranked in google as fast as possible. As a kickstarter I digged the page and made one doFollow blog comment on a blog I found here on seo-traffic-guide.de. That, together with the link from this experiment page should get the site indexed.

After that I will use nothing more than 3waylinks to get an accurate picture of the power of 3waylinks.

Of course I could do more linkbuilding – but I do not want to use any other methods in order to see what 3waylinks can do for me.

Stay tuned, next update will be as soon as the site gets indexed.

Ranking study: First hit from google

I have to admit – the first hit from google is for a keyword that is a little bit weird: “kostenloserfirefox mozilla”

But nevertheless – it is a hit and I checked the ranking – and now hold your breath: Google page one, ranking number 4! That is a very good ranking (Although for a seldom searched keyword)

Let’s hope that things go on like this and at the same speed!