Are there shortcuts to earning money on the internet?

That is an interesting question – and honestly a part of me is really wanting to tell you:
No – there are not shortcuts, you have to learn everything the hard way.

Why is that? Maybe because in great parts it was like that for me – I had my fair share of mistakes made, and projects that died because I did it the wrong way etc.

Of course with gaining more and more experience that changed, not that everything I touch turns to gold now, but the successes outweigh the failures now.
Did I learn everything all by myself? No – not really. Would be nice if I was that smart, but actually I am not…

So what really helped? I credit much of my knowledge to the coaching program I took at dotcomsecrets that I took a couple of years ago.
Now to be honest again – that was not really cheap. I really had to cough up everything I could spare (if you are going to watch the video I link to below, Russell will tell you the price of his coaching program of that time…).
But I can tell you one thing: I never regretted taking the coaching! It brought me further in big steps.

Now there is one good question, that someone recently asked Russell: “If your systems are that good, why don’t you teach it first and then take the money the students earn instead of taking it upfront?”

Excellent question, and it seems Russell really listened to that guy, because I think he has found a system with an excellent balance:
You pay one dollar for the first month and from then on Russell literally takes you by the hand and goes every step with you that is needed to earn the money for the next month’s coaching which is only $97 from the second month on. But that is not all, he also gives you a lot of shortcuts to making money on the net (Yes I have to admit those exist, and although I grudge a bit because my coaching was by far more expensive, It would just not be fair to keep the knowledge…)

Have a look at the following video now to see what all the shortcuts are:

Money Earning shortcuts with DotComSecretsX

By the way here is a picture of me and Russell when we met in Cambridge, England. It proves I have not mastered everything yet, for example how to look good in public places ­čśë
Russell Brunson and Michael Busch