You don’t have to buy an office program

One of the improvements I added to the blog finder is that the results are now delivered as xls sheets.

This means you can use the autofilter feature to filter for a certain PageRank, for CommentLuv or KeywordLuv and of course for do-follow blogs or nofollow blogs.

Very short after the launch I got an email:

“Nice service, but what have you thought by sending xls files?? I do not have Microsoft Exel and I don’t intend to buy it! Your service has become worthless!”

Let me assure you: I do not own Microsoft Excel, too. Nevertheless I can open and work with excel files as I use StarOffice. Now you could say there is no difference whether I buy one or the other, both are expensive enough. But that is not quite true, because I got StarOffice for free, it is part of the free Google Pack.

You can download it for free together with some other cool pieces of software:

If you don’t want the google pack and just need an office package, try OpenOffice. It is Open Source and it is the base that StarOffice is built upon: