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An easy way to get your keyword-specific backlink building done automatically in a three way linking style is It takes from you the hassle to find linking partners who have more than one domain to be able to do a three way link exchange. If you run a wordpress blog it is very easy to implement – just install the 3waylinks wordpress plugin and you do not have to think about linkbuilding for quite a while. All links are build naturally – the intervals in which new links build vary, and not all links have the same anchor text. In fact, you can enter 3 different anchor or link texts that are distributed over the overall amount of links. Soon after you begin using 3waylinks you will feel the effect of new links with your individual anchor texts to your site. If you did not choose hypercompetitive keywords you will see your site rise in the search engine SERPs. You will be awarded 250 links to your site. Depending on your keywords this will make a huge difference. If you do not expect to rank number 1 for a term like “click here” (Adobe Reader with some 15 million backlinks…;-) ) you have very good chances to reach a ranking in the top five. Actually many keywords in special niches even reached the number one spot. And if you do what any reasonable SEO would do and use other link building techniques, too, and kepp building content and links, success is very probable to come and stay.

And despite many other product in the SEO world you are not on your own when you start using it and run into problems or are having doubts. The 3waylinks forum is wonderful place. I have met many helpful people there. Always friendly and encouraging. From your very first post on you are part of a wonderful community. This is not something that should be taken for granted. In todays SEO world you often find the exact opposite – people who try to keep their “secrets” to themselves because they fear that someone else could make more money… Not so in the 3waylinks forum.

Some people find that 3waylinks is expensive, and yes 47$ per month may be hard at the beginning. But what do you get in return for that money? You can put 50 domains in one 3waylinks account, and if you have some sites with PageRank 4 they do not count, so chances are good that you can use it for more than 50 domains. If a site earns you 10 bucks with adsense you have made your 3waylinks costs with 5 domains in the system and have left another 45 or more domains for making real money. And to be honest, 10$ is not much if you consider that depending on your niche and keywords a good stand in the SERPs is far more valuable. I have used this system on several domains of mine and could see serious ranking rises. I even managed to get the top spot some keywords google shows 60 million hits for – the secrets lies in the targeted link anchor texts!

If you are really interested in increasing you chances of getting a top spot on google, you should try