Have commenters come back to your blog

It is a very nice thing to have a steady flow of new visitors coming to your blog every day. But even better is if your visitors come back. You want your blog to be interesting enough so that your readers will come back. An excellent way to achieve this is having a lively discussion about your posts. But how often did you find a an interesting blog, posted a comment to the post because the topic of the post was interesting, perhaps even asking a question, and then you forgot about this blog? I reckon that happened to you, too. At least it did for me quite often. And probably this will happen to quite a few of your visitors, too. And it means that you have lost a visitor, because the commenter will not find back to your blog. Now at least for WordPress blogs there is a easy solution: Mark Jaquith wrote a wonderful wordpress plugin called “subscribe to comments“. Just go his page and install it on your blog. From that on your commenters can check whethter they want to be informed about a new comment on the topic they commented, too. That means they will probably drop by as soon as their question was answered or if a new interesting comment was made.

If you want to see this plugin in action, just make a (sensible) comment to this post on www.seo-traffic-guide.de and check the “Notify me of followup comments via e-mail” -Field below…

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Get backlinks from social bookmarking sites II

Perhaps you have already read the first article to this topic (Get backlinks from social bookmarking sites) so you already know about the importance of bookmarking your site on a social network. While Jon points to sites where you can submit your page or post to a whole bunch of social bookmarking sites, there is one easy step you can do on you page that will helb you boost getting social bookmarks. And that is offer the logos of a few well known bookmarking sites at the end of all your articles and pages. If you are running a wordpress blog then this is really very easy! There is a wordpress plugin that can do all the work for you. It is called “Sociable” and was written by Joost de Valk. He is a smart guy from the Netherlands who runs a very good SEO site and has build quite a few really useful wordpress plugins.

Just install Sociable and go to Settings page of the plugin. Here you can choose from a lot of social bookmarking sites and change their order of appearance.

Now all your visitors have a really easy way for bookmarking your site.