3waylinks.net by Jon Leger is an excellent link building system – there is no easier way to build “one way” backlinks – only that up to now getting it running with wordpress could sometimes be a little bit difficult… Not any more!

Here comes the 3WL Links Page Plugin!

Download 3WL Links Page Plugin

I have written installation instructions, you should be able to set up your 3waylinks link page in a matter of minutes.
You are not the techie type of person and want the installation done for you? No problem either, for a small fee I will do the install for you:
3waylinks installation service

You don’t know how three way linking works? Then read my Article on 3way linking.

If you are interested, you can have a look at the version history.

Please note, that this plugin only works if you are a member of 3waylinks.net (click here if you want to become a member) .

I have created this plugin in my scarce leisure time and I am offering it free of charge. If you like it and find that it saves you lots of time and hassle, You are encouraged to make a donation. The same applies if you found my support in the 3WL forum to be helpful (my nickname is videomike in the 3WL forum).
Every donation is rewarded with a link in the donation cloud on every page of this site!
Don’t be confused by the Euros… Paypal converts from dollars as well ;-), enter any amount you feel is appropriate.
if ( function_exists(‘dc_donation_form’) ) echo dc_donation_form(false);

Please note that your link will not be shown if your donation is smaller than 2 Euros.

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  2. Do you feel give the Panda update that 3 – way links carry any real weight with Google? I am just asking because I am strating to see diminishing returns upon my regular tactics and I am planning to investigate something new.

    1. Chris,

      After Panda all sorts of problems are considered to be PANDA related, when in fact most are not. We should not forget that there are other penalties that don’t have anything to do with panda but which could apply, too.
      Panda was more of a onpage factors, content centric algo update. both things which 3waylinks can not influence. What some times happens with 3waylinks is that sites are indeed put on a penalty – not necessarily because of 3waylinks but becuase of other errors on the site or just plain bad quality. Once the sites are in 3waylinks, their visibility rises – and often competitors with better quality sites complain nad that leads to a manual penalty.
      Another thing that happens often today is a (panda independent) penalty for over optimizing keyword anchors. This is more a queston of how you use 3waylinks. If you make a bad choice in your keywords 3waylinks, it wont help much or hurt, if you make a wise choice, it will help your site.
      It is generally a question of “Do you know what you are doing?”
      3waylinks is a tool – and even the use of the best tool does not guarantee a good result if you don’t know how to use it.
      For example, you can buy the best hammer on the market and the best saw on the market, but if you want to build a house and don’t know how to use them, your house will probably not stand very long. That does not mean that the hammer and the saw were bad, they were just not used the ways they should have been…


  3. I wonder if you can show ‘real life’ results here of sites using the 3waylinks system?

    1. Hi Martin

      The 3waylinks.net terms of use do not allow to disclose any sites in the system – so… I am sorry.


  4. hmm sounds good. I would like to try but first let me read about “How it works”

  5. Sound good that we make a 3way link building.this is not easy to build a one way link.just add a 3way link building plugin to make a 3way links.

  6. Seems like a great way of building links! I am going to read more about it, but I have a feeling that I will donate anyhow! =)

  7. Hello Michael, isn;t it easy for Google to filter this types of links out of the equation? I think Google treats them the same way as reprocical linking. What is your opinion about it?

    1. Jan-Willem,

      This question arises every now and then since I joined in 2007 – but up to now it seems to work just fine 😉

  8. Yes, 3WayLinks does an excellent job at getting you back links without having to give a reciprocal link in return.

    Thank you for your post.
    Rosaria Lucchesi´s last blog post ..Easy Luxury Weekend Trip With Your Family

  9. So basically it’s your own network you give to us for free? Or do I get it wrong? If so, what do the links look like? But still thank you for sharing! 🙂

    1. Hi Guy

      It seems you got it wrong – 3waylinks is not owned by me but is a product from Jon Leger. It is not free – only this plugin is free. The plugin helps integrating your wordpress site in the network, it does not give you access to the system…


  10. Hi Michael, what’s your insight into this plugin now, post penguin? Is the service it’s related to, the 3way linking, still an acceptable form of acquiring backlinks? thanks.

    1. Hi Ed

      As far as I can oversee it (actually I can only speak for my own sites) it has not been affected. In my opinion that is because of the design of the service. It does not build a big private network, instead the sites of all users form the network and thus typical footprints like same registrar, same IP addresses, same owners are avoided. I still consider this a good source of “filling links” that I use if I need volume in addition to quality links that I got elsewhere.


  11. I am a bit worried of leaving footprints for G, using the plugin.. What are your comments on that?

    1. Cally, it is up to you whether you use the credit line, there is a setting for that in the plugin setting page. Besides that I have taken measures to reduce the footprint by injecting alterations on the text shown, so the footprint is minimized…

  12. Mike, I’ve actually read this after reading your Find Do Follow Blogs article. This was posted 2009, and now was already 2012?

    Any update on this plugin? or this article? …will this thing still works?

    1. Gary,

      this still works – but there are caveats! This should never be your only source of backlinks.
      See, it is like this:
      Google does not like it if all your anchor texts are the same keyword.
      Google does not like it if all your backlinks are dofollow.
      Google does not like it if all your backlinks come from blog comments (or forums, or any other single source)

      You get the picture: There has to be the right mixture, and what is the right mixture can’t be said in absolute numbers, it depends on the link profiles of the leading (highest ranking) websites in any given industry.
      So what you actually have to do is analyze the link profiles of your competitors and try to mimic their best links.


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