How 3waylinks work

In former time, when you were in need of links, you would just ask a few other webmasters whether they want to exchange links with you. There is nothing bad with that, even today.
Only when it comes to SEO and the effect those so called “reciprocal links” have on your ranking… you will notice that they only have very little effect. Don’t get me wrong – having reciprocal links is much better than having no links at all! Especially when they have the right anchor text to support your keywords.

But having a one way link with the right anchor pointing to your site is much more valuable. So how do you get one-way-links(or at least semi oneway links…)?

It is easy (at least in theory ;-)) – you do a 3 way link exchange. But how does this work?

The easiest case is if you own more than one domain. Let’s say say you have 2 domains, and Now if you found a link partner for exchanging links, you would ask him or her to give you a link from his/her domain with your anchortext to in exchange for a link from you from Now what google sees is two oneway links from unrelated domains. Perfect! This I would call a semi 3way linking, as there is no third link but three domains involved. Sometimes this is also called triangular linking.

Now what is a real 3waylinks system? Easy again, you need to have three links for that. Why would you do it?

Perhaps you only have one domain, so the first solution is not possible for you. So you need to find a third person who is willing to exchange links three way linking style. links to who again links to And you already guessed it – links back to The result for google? Three one-way links from unrelated domains. That is the whole secret.

O.k. now that you know 3 way links work, you can go and start building links, right? Yes, of course! The only problem is, it is not always too easy to find 2 other persons who are willing to exchange links in this 3 way pattern. And you have to coordinate it, because no one wants to end up with a link to a site and have nothing in exchange because the third person did not link back. So 3waylinking is not so easy to control and monitor.

Is there a solution? Something like automatic link building? Yes of course there is – if you followed my site for a while then you already know the solution, it is called and provides a fully automated way to get onewaylinks three way style. And not only a few but a whopping 250 links with your chosen anchor text. Will that help improve  your ranking? Believe me, it does! (It helps big time!) And it is a simple way to implement automated link building…

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