3Waylinks Links Page Plugin version history

The links page plugin for 3waylinks.net can make your life easier, here is how it developed:

0.7 introduced method to minimize the credit link footprint

0.6 internal change from the old marker replacement method to the newer WordPress Quicktags mechanism

0.5 was a buggy intermediary version

0.4 If the 3WL ID was entered by copy and paste an extra space could have been appended, this version trims white spaces from the 3WL ID and prevents server error messages in case extra spaces had been accidentially entered

0.3 3WL ID is now saved even when the “create page” button is pressed before the 3WL ID was saved.

0.2 Added warning that option have to be updated before creating a page as the 3WL ID is not saved otherwise. This is considered as a workaround until a better solution is found

0.1 initial release: Ability to save 3WL ID and create a 3Waylinks link page with given title and slug.