Warning about the Dofollow blog list accuracy

I put a lot of effort in the search mechanism for this page – nevertheless: be warned, I cannot guarantee that every blog reported as doFollow blog really is a doFollow blog. Searching for Blogs without the nofollow tag sounds easy at first – in reality it is not. Some blogs have all the keywords that trigger the search on the first page, but if you really comment, you see that the comments are shown on another page. In those cases the check does not work. Other blogs use plugins that allow the blog owner to award doFollow links to only some of their commenters and other blogs simply do not have any comments to check on yet.

Resumee: The lists you can obtain here can be a great help, but do not rely too heavily on them.

The list shows both, nofollow and dofollow blogs, if you only want to see the dofollow blogs, switch the excel auto filter to “yes” in the dofollow column.

A link from a nofollow blog can still bring you significant traffic, if it is a very popular blog and your comment is of high value and relavant to the blog’s topic. It does not help you in terms of ranking, but you should still consider commenting if you can contribute to the discussion – that is what blog comments are all about…

My advice: use Firefox and the SEO for Firefox Extension – it will show you whether links on a page are DoFollow or NoFollow.

If you are looking for a plugin for wordpress to make your own blog Do-Follow have a try at this:

Nofollow Free

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