Warning about the Dofollow blog list accuracy

I put a lot of effort in the search mechanism for this page – nevertheless: be warned, I cannot guarantee that every blog reported as doFollow blog really is a doFollow blog. Searching for Blogs without the nofollow tag sounds easy at first – in reality it is not. Some blogs have all the keywords that trigger the search on the first page, but if you really comment, you see that the comments are shown on another page. In those cases the check does not work. Other blogs use plugins that allow the blog owner to award doFollow links to only some of their commenters and other blogs simply do not have any comments to check on yet.

Resumee: The lists you can obtain here can be a great help, but do not rely too heavily on them.

The list shows both, nofollow and dofollow blogs, if you only want to see the dofollow blogs, switch the excel auto filter to “yes” in the dofollow column.

A link from a nofollow blog can still bring you significant traffic, if it is a very popular blog and your comment is of high value and relavant to the blog’s topic. It does not help you in terms of ranking, but you should still consider commenting if you can contribute to the discussion – that is what blog comments are all about…

My advice: use Firefox and the SEO for Firefox Extension – it will show you whether links on a page are DoFollow or NoFollow.

If you are looking for a plugin for wordpress to make your own blog Do-Follow have a try at this:

Nofollow Free

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  1. It’s a bit of a catch-22 offering do-follow lists, because when those sites start getting bombarded by comments, they often change it to no-follow.

    1. Hi Jason

      That is one of the reasons why I don’t offer precompiled list but do a fresh search for individual keywords everytime someone requests a new dofollow list.


      1. Michael, you are the only few I saw responding regularly to the comments. Thanks so much for your hard work!

        1. mark ┬╗ I am heavily lagging behind because of the many comments I get, but I try my best – after all I don’t want this blog blog to be a one way street …

  2. There’s no point commenting unless you have something worthwhile to say anyway. Whether it’s dofollow or nofollow, unless your adding to the conversation your wasting your time, and basically just spamming…which annoys the webmaster, and if the comments get through somehow it annoys the readers.

    Of course everyone wants to find dofollow blogs to comment on, but I try to only go on sites which I know something about, or where the article interests me, or I genuinely want to contribute. And your right about commenting on nofollow blogs…especially if you’re interested in the subject anyway, why bypass the site just because of rankings? Get involved, have a conversation, and enjoy the online world!

    Wow ok, mini rant over now….

  3. I learn something from here. for me, as long as the topic that is being discussed is a good one, its ok even if it no follow at least you involve in the discussion. most people looking for do follow sites, but its also a good thing that you have a few numbers of no follow link.

  4. Totally right Michael, finding high PR value blog is not very difficult but the main problem for link builders is no-follow, do-follow.
    We can easily find blogs with google but we can’t find if a blog is do-follow or no-follow till we open the page and comment on it or see the previous comment link

  5. The most confusing thing for me is usage of keywords in the name field but here I liked the way of allowing people their keywords in specific manner.

  6. This is a great infor Michael. By the way, I stumbled into your site via Google. It seems that Google loves your work here. Keep it up!


  7. This is a confusing aspect of backlink building, but I think you’ve finally been the one to explain why I see some comment sections with do and no at the same time. So some commenters have been personally approved over others. I can’t say as I blame them. You ought to be able to do what you like with your own blog.

    I am seeing a lot of people posting on the net about the need to make blogs do-follow again. It seems that the was a huge swing away, understandably so, from do-follow links.

    Is there now a pendulum swing going back the other way, or is there just a small and rebellious hold-out group that wants it to and attempts to regularly promote it?

    I would like to see do-follow comments but the ability to filter them more easily increased. If someone has something to contribute to the conversation, why not?

    There are so many algorithms and codes written, surely they are going to come up with one soon that makes identification of thoughtful comments stand out from gibberish, so the blog owner can be relieved of having to delete hundreds of comments just to get to a handful.

  8. Thanks for posting such an informative article about the the Doffolow Links , I’m just a beginner in SEO industry and in writing seo articles. I’m Still learning from successful people like you Michael Busch. Wish you and your family a very happy and prosperous New Year – 2012.

    1. Thank you for the kind wishes – the same to you


  9. I’m totally new to all this Seo and link building. So thank you for the post. Gonna read a bit more to get my mind going in the right direction ­čÖé

  10. Hallo Michael,
    toller Service den du hier anbietest.

    Vorallem mag ich den dofollow backlinkfinder.

  11. It is annoying when the blog owner will get too many comments, the majority being spammy one’s, and then they change it to a no-follow, because it ruins it for the rest of us!

  12. Hi Michael Busch,

    It is very kind of you to share this very useful information. More power! and God bless.

  13. Hi Michael,I am very pleased with your article.It’s so helpful.Thank you very much!
    To join the discussion,I think searching for dofollow blogs helps somewhat increase the traffic of those blogs since they will get a lot of visitors who want easy backlinks.It then becomes like a give and receive business.

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