How to Build High Quality Links to Beat the Penguin

Gone are the days where you can automatically blast thousands of poor quality spun links via automated software to wordpress blogs, article directories, web directories and social bookmarking sites and get on the first page of Google within a few weeks. In 2012, after the Panda and Penguin updates, such spammy practices will lead to penalization and a swift drop in rankings.
If you want to succeed in SEO nowadays, it is an absolute necessity to learn how to create high quality backlinks; but in order to do that, you must be aware of the key components of a high quality link. In general, a high quality backlink contains the following properties:
1. DoFollow – if your link has the rel=”nofollow” tag on it, Google does not count it, therefore it is vital that your link is dofollow first and foremost
2. Contextual – your link must be surrounded by a substantial amount of content
3. Grammatically Correct – the content which surrounds your link must be well written, quite the opposite of the spun garbage which many SEOs (even professional companies) still use
4. Unique – the content which surrounds your link must be unique, spun content again is insufficient
5. Relevant – ideally, the page which contains your link and the content surrounding it should be relevant to the site being linked to (your site), although admittedly this is not always possible
6. Low OBL – low outbound link count on the page
So where do you find places to create backlinks to your site with the above properties? You can do a variety of things like pay webmasters for a link placement, make a guest post, or use your own private network of blogs. However these methods are often prohibitively expensive. By far the cheapest, most effective way to obtain DoFollow, Contextual links surrounded by grammatically correct, unique content (i.e. all the components of a high quality backlink) is to manually submit relevant, constructive blog comments. However, it is very difficult to find blogs which allow DoFollow, Contextual comments. For example, wordpress blogs are nofollow by default (i.e. useless links) do not allow contextual links (they only allow a backlink the name and not within the comment). You could spend weeks just to find 100 or so URLs which give you DoFollow, Contextual links, however in late 2012 a very special list of URLs has been released to the public after almost 1 year of preparation, containing the kind of precious links that are hidden securely in the vaults of some of the world’s most respected SEO experts. But even those SEO experts do not have URLs in such gargantuan numbers. The list contains approximately 2 million live URLs spread across over 30,000 unique domains. Make no mistake, it is difficult to submit hundreds or even thousands of unique, well written and constructive comments, but it is by far the most cost effective way for webmasters to build high quality backlinks that can catapult you up the search rankings.
For far too long, newbies to SEO have been duped into thinking that you can just press a button, rank on the first page of Google for all keywords and rake in tons of cash. If this were true, we would all be rich! The reality is, anything in life worth having requires hard work. The real SEO experts know this and their secret weapon has not been revealed – until now.

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