Getting backlinks with the “Leger Backlink Family”

When it comes to building links automatically or semi-automatically Jonathan Leger is the guy to look at.
When I first heard of him he just had developed a product called

With you get a minimum of 250 backlinks to your domain’s homepage with three keyphrases split 60%, 30% and 10% per website entered, for up to 50 websites. These links come from sites with all types of themes and relevancies, with a wide range of page ranks (PR, my highest incoming link is from a PR5 site, but I guess there might be pages with even higher PR in the system). Backlinks are all targeted at the website in general, not to inner pages. If your site is PR 4+, it doesn’t  count in the quota, so you can actually have more than 50 domains.

It is quite easy to use if you are running wordpress, because you can then use the 3waylinks wordpress plugin I wrote.

With you get to choose which sites send you backlinks. At least, you get to ask for, and generally get backlinks from sites of your choosing, with PR’s of at least 1. That means that your links are of high relevancy and higher PR (in general, compared to 3waylinks or 1waylinks).

You can direct these links to any website you choose, including subdomains and inner pages. Your links are not limited to the sites you submit and register with (Great for getting new sites indexed fast!)

You also control the sites to which you give backlinks. They apply, you review, then approve or reject. is a more highly automated process; you set it and forget it, until you add another website. It is also more broad and less specific in its linking. You get a lot of links but of generally low to medium quality. requires more setup time in that you will need to search the database of participants to find sites that you would like to receive backlinks from. Once the links are set up there is no more to be done. At that point it is set and forget also. The same for backlinks you give to other sites. In fact, you do not have to give backlinks to anyone if you don’t want to. There is a marketplace among members where quota needed to “pay” for backlinks to your site can be bought and sold on a member-to-member auction bid basis.

Currently you get 25 quota points upon signup. Getting backlinks costs 1 quota point per PR point (PR 1 links cost you 1 quota point, Pr4 links cost you 4 quota points, etc.) You receive 3 quota points per PR point of your site. If someone asks for a link from your PR3 website and you accept, you get 3×3=9 quota points.

So far, this has proven to be very worthwhile. One good thing is that links get crawled quickly (since all sites registered are PR1 or higher) and you see results in 2-5 days. Another is that those links from relevant sites REALLY move you up the ranking scale fast in Google… It’s nice to see those large jumps!

O.k. now we have covered the oldest child of the Leger Backlink Family( and the youngest ( – but there are two more:

There is, which is actually some sort of completely different looking twin of, that means it is part of the package.

It creates a directory with links to up to 1000 of the participating sites, again in a 3waylinks style. It gives you more links than 3waylinks and allows for links to inner pages – so it is the perfect addition to 3waylinks although it lives a little bit under the shadow of 3WL.

And last but not least, there is

A system that allows to post up to 250 blog articles with 3  in content links each, has the capability of spinning text and links and that makes it the most versatile tool Jon has ever created. For every new helper blog you add to the system you get an additional 50 post each month. That makes it an endless supply of high quality links. You can point your links to any site you like (given it adheres to the somewhat strict content rules of all Leger systems) has become one of my main work horses because of it’s reliability and and endless supply of quality links!

In summary:

3WL – 240 or so basic links per website entered, up to 50 websites.
MWL– high quality links on a link exchange basis
1WL – Lots and lots of low quality links. Great for Google, Yahoo not so much.
DirLinks – Lots of links of med. to low quality. Works well as “Steroids” for 3WL; kicks backlink counts way up beyond 3WL’s 250 or so count.

So if you you are looking to expand your linking efforts, have a look at one of these – or do it like I do and use all of them in the field where each of them has it’s specific strengths.