Article marketing Callen Style

If you have been following my blog for a while you probably know about the products Jon Leger creates for Linkbuilding .
Today I signed up for a new service by Bryxen Software, which you may know for products like SEOElite or KeywordElite.
Now Brad Callen has come up with a new product that at the first glance looked very much like 1waylinks.

It is called SEO Link Vine and and like 1waylinks is a blog network where you can submit articles that will be posted all over the network.

If you buy now, even the price is the same. As having another weapon in my link building arsenal was something I could not say no to, I decided to sign up and write about my experience here.

The buying process:

I know it is a clever idea to offer upsells and I have no doubt that the SEO product upsell is a good product – but having to scroll down long pages two times just to skip the offer is getting on my nerves…

The looks:

The over all design of the site is better than 1waylinks, it has a very straight user interface and is easy to use from the beginning.


There are excellent video instructions on every step. Did not miss anything.

Built in functions:

Now here it gets really interesting:

Not only has it a built in spinning function, but also a ranking checker with backlinks count and PR.


There is none – you can submit as many articles as you want and they will get posted on as many blogs as will accept your article.

Where will my articles be posted:

The deal is that SEO Link Vine brings together blogs that need fresh content and users who will write content with their links embedded.

Your article will only be poted on blogs that accept your content category and blog owners can accept or decline articles.

Those are the main differences to 1waylinks. There are a few negative sides to mention, too. For example you cannot use spinning in the title but have to add every title variation manually. Don’t ask my why what works in the article body should not be good enough for the title…

Another thing is the Thesaurus of the spinning tool. It worlds away from the quality I am used to with Jon Leger’s The Best Spinner! It is nice that there is a spinner built in, but I prefer to keep using the Best Spinner – and here is the good news: SEO Link Vine is compatible with a whole bunch of spinning formats so I can just copy and paste the spun articles into SEO Link Vine.

Altogether this looks very good in my eyes – now it has to prove whether it will create the same quality of results as 1waylinks does.

If you want to try it out yourself, here is the link: SEO Link Vine