3waylinks site approval

A short update on my ranking study:

3waylinks states that it will take about 48 hours on business days to get your site reviewed and approved once you have submitted it. Well in my case it went a lot faster! Merely 8 hours later my site was approved and I assume that by tomorrow the first links will go live. Hopefully the results will help my in my race against time – Google recommendations will work for only three more weeks – will 3waylinks help me to get ranked fast enough?

My firefox site is indexed at google

[UPDATE: I do not own this site any longer and thus don’t track it’s progress]

Next step in my small ranking study: my firefox site is indexed at google – that step went rather fast. So I went on, installed the 3waylinks wordpress plugin and did some keyword research with KeywordElite to find out what Keyphrases I want to rank for and put the site intoĀ  3waylinks. Currently I am waiting to the site being reviewed. Hopefully this will be done by tomorrow – let’s see how long it takes until the first visitor arrives on the page šŸ™‚