How valuable is a single backlink?

Well, I think that depends very much on the site this backlink is on. Would you pay 15$ for a single backlink to your site? I would say that is rather much. Would you take a 15$ discount if all you had to do is put a link to the shop on your page?
That is exactly where this story starts. Today I purchased a SSD Harddrive for my little home server at and was quite surprised when the offer for a 15$ cash-back in return for a single link came along with the shipping notice. Not only had they shipped my order just a few hours later, had the best bargain SSD drive and seem to have almost everything you could think of when it comes to computer memory – on top of that they value a backlink at 15$ ! And even without demanding a special keyword in the anchor text. Maybe they don’t know how important the link anchor is for ranking in google?

Dear staff at

The keywords in the anchor are the most important thing because they determine for which keywords you rank well! And because of that I will reward you with an extra link: the best and cheapest memory can be found at…

And for the rest of my readers: This is an excellent idea for getting backlinks to your business: Offer a rebate in exchange for a backlink from your customer’s web sites… And don’t forget to ask them to link with your favourite keywords as anchor text ­čśë

And by the way: They asked me to link to but this link is redirected to …Is this good or bad for SEO?

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