Give a link and win a copy of “Click here to order” by Joel Comm

What is this about?
I want to support the mission circle Ayopaya (sorry there are only a few pages in english as it is a german organization) in its efforts to create a better life for people in Bolivia – the poorest country in South America.

How will this be achieved?
I want to get more backlinks for the mission circle’s donations page and hope tho encourage more people to give a donation however small it may be (believe me 2€ or 2 $ can make a difference!)

How can you help?
Put a link to one of the following pages on somewhere on your website: (this one is preferred) or or or any other page on the website.
Be sure that your anchor text contains the words “Online spenden” or “Online Spende”. You are encouraged to vary the anchor text a little like “Online spenden for Bolivia” or something like that.

What is in for you?
Two things: First of all I will reward you with a backlink to your site from my website here ( As your link points to and my backlink comes from this is Semi-3-way linking and will be seen as a one way link by google.
Second: On Epiphany I will check the referral statistics on the ayopaya webpage a will have alook who of the participants of my little help contest here will have sent the most traffic to the ayopaya page. The winner will receive a copy of Joel Comm’s latest book “Click here to order”

[Update: Time prolonged until Easter 2009]

So what do you have to do?
Set a link to the page, use one of the mentioned anchor texts, write me an email or use the contact form to tell me where your link is located and what site you want your backlink pointing to (don’t forget to include a good anchor text for your backlink)! Encourage people to visit the ayopaya page via your link to increase your chances to win your copy of Joel Comm’s book.

And now go creating links…