Get traffic with Internet videos

“1000 Visitors in 24 Hours” – that is the title of a 30 page report written by Jonathan Leger. Yes, that is the same guy who made, and a whole lot of other great SEO/Internet Marketing stuff.

With broadband internet access widely available, video has gained an enormous popularity – especially with the younger audience. Obviously there has to be a lot of money in that market, otherwise Google would not have paid $1.65 billion for YouTube!

Jon has found an easy to follow way to benefit enormously from the video hype – and to actually convert viewers into visitors. He describes a method, how he managed to convert 25% of his viewers to visitors… and not only that: the conversion rate from those visitors again was more than 10%!

His “1000 Visitors in 24 hours” Article is a detailed, easy to read, no-questions-left report, that I can only warmly recommend. “1000Visitors in 24 Hours” is in two ways different from a lot of the other stuff you can buy all over the net:

1. It is not overcharged – at a modest $7 you get a report that is worth far more than every cent of it.

2. Jon has this certain attitude – he won’t sell anything that he didn’t thoroughly test himself – and he publishes all his statistic data so you can have a look at the numbers yourself. I cannot imagine a better proof.

P.S.: If you wonder how many videos Jon had to create to achieve his 1000 visitors in a day goal… It was ONE. Just one video. Now think what you could achieve if you just created a couple videos… Check out “1000Visitors in 24 Hours” and find out for yourself!