What Permalink Structure Should I Be Using?

In my last post, I spoke about the importance of permalink structures, but it seems the one I recommended isn’t without it’s issues.

I told you that I personally use the custom permalink structure /%postname%/ which hasn’t seemed to be an issue until now… but yesterday, I started getting all kinds of errors with my feeds and when I tried to check for feed validation, I get another error saying that my feed isn’t valid.

After some digging around, I found a discussion on the Semiologic Forum and Denis de Bernardy, the developer of Semiologic, states that using the custom permalinks structure /%postname% will make make WordPress think that yoursite.com/feed is the post titled /feed. In other words, it makes WP confuse your posts, pages, and feed urls.

So, having shyed away from using the default date/name based structure, it seems that this is the one Denis and many others recommend because it’s just as good for SEO, and it’s much better for usability.

This is what yours would look like, using the date/name based structure:


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