Marketing on Social Media Sites For The Nay Sayers

The other day, I was reading some internet marketing blogs. I came across a few different blog posts about social networking on myspace and facebook. This is usually nothing to write home about but in these posts, the author was saying that these don’t work.

It just so happens, one of these blog authors requested me as a friend on myspace. Again nothing new here except for the approach. This person (I will call him “Andrew”) introduced himself, claimed to be a member of one of the programs I speak of on my profile. Andrew wrote that he was a member of the company and didn’t make any money using the techniques. He then went on to say it was a scam.

What happened next blew my mind. After this bashing of the company (that I have been very successful with) He offered me another program!

I didn’t know “Andrew” from the man on the moon. He comes to my page, attacks the company I work with, and then expects me to join him… Wow. What a way to build trust.

I found out that he was the author of one of the blogs I spoke on earlier because of the links at the end of the message he sent me. I realized why he was unable to make any money.

Marketing on myspace or any other social network is quite simple.

  1. First build a friend list in a specific niche by joining groups. Then add them to your friends. While on their profile READ IT. You can find out what they are into and what they are about. You don’t want to be on a network trying to promote affiliate programs to an affiliate marketer. They are doing the same thing you are, so chances are they will not buy from you. Unless you have something that is of value to them.
  2. Second you have to socialize. What I mean by this is, find out what they are into, and get to know them. Do this to build trust. Write blogs about your niche and invite them to read them. Get them to a squeeze page with a link in the blog post. Make sure you offer value first program last.
  3. Do not send messages to people about your business or affiliate program until you are sure your “friends” want them. The easiest way to do this is with a squeeze/capture page.
  4. Make videos and post them to these sites. Put your affiliate links at the bottom of the video screen. There are even programs that allow you to put your link on other people videos. You can then put these videos in your blog post with in the networks.

That is all it takes. You can build a great income easily by networking, and offering value. That is really all it takes. I feel the reason these bloggers had issues making money on social networking sites is because they don’t know how to network or how to turn their “friends” into leads. They do not follow the steps outlined above.

Source: network marketing